Dressing Voskopran
 Voskopran - sterile dressings based on beeswax.

Pharmacological action

Ready-to-use dressings Voskopran with beeswax designed with a modern approach to the treatment of wounds, depending on the type and stage of wound healing:

  • In the phase of cleaning bandage helps the physiological mechanisms of purification;
  • The granulation phase - stimulates angiogenesis and collagen fibers to fill the defect;
  • In the phase of epithelialization - accelerates cell division.

Thanks beeswax, containing a large number of amino acids, the healing process occur much more intensively and dressing Voskopran at all stages of wound healing process does not stick to the wound. After cleaning the wax contributes to the rapid formation of the epithelium.

Also dressings Voskopran:

  • Provide the wound required for regeneration of a free gas exchange;
  • Quickly clean the wound from purulent exudate or mixed;
  • Effectively protect against further infection, drying and loss of bodily fluids, as well as friction, mechanical impacts, dirt, and a pin.

Besides Voskopran of good reviews are modeled on the wound, which ensures atraumatic dressing.

Product form

The composition of wound dressing bandages (napkins) Voskopran includes beeswax (96, 9%), as well as propolis, and vitamin E. Gauze bandages produce 6 sizes: 7, 5h10sm, 5x7, 5cm, 10h15sm, 10h50 cm, 10x10 cm and 10h200sm each of which is protected on both sides of polypropylene film.

Indications Voskoprana

Napkins Voskopran apply:

  • For first aid for burns and injuries;
  • For the treatment of granulating wounds.

Depending on the wound healing process can apply one of the four types of bandages:

  • Dressing Voskopran without ointments used to treat clean wounds or wounds in the granulation step, including frostbite, burns, sores. Also, this type of dressing may optionally be combined with any ointment that enables its penetration into the deeper layers of damaged skin;
  • Anti-inflammatory ointment dressing with Levomekol for treatment of venous ulcers, infected and festering wounds, bedsores, frostbite, diaper rash, chronic inflammatory diseases of the skin, chemical, thermal, radiation burns I-III of Art. This type of dressing Voskopran provides both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • The bandage with ointment 5% dioksidina providing persistent antimicrobial protection is used for the treatment of deep and superficial infection, purulent and nonhealing wounds;
  • The bandage with ointment Voskopran 10% methyluracyl stimulating the regeneration process is used to accelerate the healing of the net, pelletizing, and slowly healing wounds, including burns, dermatitis, post-surgical sutures, boils and photodermatosis.


Use napkins Voskopran contraindicated in individual sensitivity to the components of the coating, especially to bee products. Dressings with Dioxydinum should not be used when breast-feeding women, and pregnancy, as well as the lack of adrenal function.

Dosing Voskoprana

 Voskopran - dressings based on beeswax

Napkin applied Voskopran after opening so that it protrudes beyond the edges of the wound surface to 0, 5 cm. The second protective layer is removed after a few minutes after application.

In the absence of inflammatory lesions can leave the bandage until they are healed. In the opinion of Voskopran after wound healing naturally from it departs, leaving no scars.

Side effects Voskoprana

When applying napkins Voskopran side effects are not fixed.

storage conditions

Voskopran available without prescription, the shelf life of dressings - 18 months.