Dolobene gel
 Dolobene - combined drugs affecting blood clotting.

Used as an anti-inflammatory and decongestant.

Pharmacological action

Active ingredients Dolobene - dimethyl sulfoxide, heparin, dexpanthenol.

Dimethyl sulfoxide has anti protivoekssudativnoe and local analgesic effect, improves the absorption of other components means.

Heparin - a substance with anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect, inhibiting blood clotting. Heparin also prevents the formation of blood clots, activates the dissolution of blood clots, improve local blood circulation.

Dexpanthenol in skin proceeds in the form of pantothenic acid has a positive effect on metabolic processes, enhances the regeneration of damaged tissue.

Product form

Dolobene - tool for outdoor use.

Producing Dolobene Dolobene gel and ointment.

Indications Dolobene

The drug is prescribed for a variety of injuries, muscle injuries, disorders of the joints, periarticular structures tendovaginitah, inflammation of ligaments, tendon muscle membranes, membranes of internal organs, bursitis, tendon enthesopathy, acute neuralgia.

There are reviews of Dolobene, helps to relieve acute pain with superficial thrombophlebitis, periflebita, phlebitis, trophic disorders on a background of chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins.


Dolobene for instructions contraindicated in violation of renal, hepatic function, bronchial asthma during pregnancy, circulatory lability, with hypersensitivity during lactation.

You can not assign a means for children under 5 yrs. and simultaneously with drugs that have nesteroid sulindac.

Instructions for use Dolobene

Dolobene ointment, gel is applied 2-4 p / day directly to the affected area or around them (if there are abrasions), thinly distributed over the skin rubbing lightly.

If there is a need for bandaging, for it takes only the material, air-permeable. Bandage after most of the ointment, gel Dolobene absorbed and the alcohol contained in the composition has evaporated (a few minutes).

 Dolobene ointment, gel are 2-4 r / day directly to the affected area or around
 Tools Dolobene can enter and use phonophoresis (ultrasound) using iontophoretic method (direct current).

By Dolobene instructions can not be applied to the gel and ointment mucous membranes, open wounds, damaged skin before (after dermatoses, dermatitis, radiation, post-operative scarring, for example). Position of the funds must be free of drugs and other contaminants.

side effects

The agent can cause local hyperergic reactions: itching, transient erythema, burning sensation at the site of application, garlic breath.

There are also reviews of Dolobene, that it could cause a change of taste, allergic reactions.