Djufaston - a drug based on the sex of female hormones.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Duphaston - dydrogesterone, which is an analogue of natural progesterone (a hormone of the corpus luteum of the ovaries).

Dydrogesterone has neither corticoids or estrogenic or androgenic effect, no effect on thermogenesis (heat production required for the operation of all systems of the body), so after ovulation duphaston can be installed on the analysis of basal body temperature.

Product form

Oral duphaston more efficiently because its release tablets.

Indications duphaston

According to the instructions Djufaston prescribed for endogenous progesterone deficiency - it can be a failure of the luteal phase, endometriosis, the threat of fetal loss, menstrual cycle disorders, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, amenorrhea secondary.

There are reviews of Djufaston, the effectiveness of its participation in hormone replacement therapy, used for surgical castration, menopausal syndrome (if necessary to neutralize the proliferative effects of estrogen on the endometrium).

Instructions for use duphaston

Admission duphaston be carried out in the same time. The instructions given Djufaston several treatments.

For the treatment of endometriosis prescribed 10mg dydrogesterone two or three p / day. A break in the cycle of 5-25 days are not done.

To treat infertility progesterone origin prescribed use Duphaston 20 mg / day in two divided doses at 11-25 days of the cycle. Therapy lasts 3-6mes.

When the diagnosis of threatened abortion to start drinking 40mg dydrogesterone, after every 8 hours. at 10 mg for one week. You can apply to Djufaston 12-20ned. pregnancy.

For the treatment of recurrent miscarriage drug treatment begins at the planning stage of pregnancy - two p / day. at 10 mg in 11-25 days of the cycle. After the pregnancy, to 20ned. reception Djufaston continue at the same dosage, and after start of lowering.

Premenstrual syndrome is treated 3-6mes. for receiving at 10mg. drug v11-25 days of the cycle.

 Duphaston tablets

For the treatment of dysmenorrhea instructions Djufaston shown taking 20mg / day. in two divided doses 5-25 days cycle throughout 3-6mes.

For the treatment of amenorrhea and estrogen use Duphaston. Drink 10mg dydrogesterone two p / day and 11-25 days of the cycle 0, 05mg of ethinyl estradiol from 1 to 25 days. The treatment lasts for three or more cycles.

To stop the bleeding dysfunctional 10mg of the drug who drink two p / day. 5-7dn., Combining with 0, 05mg of ethinyl estradiol.

Side effects

After duphaston can open breakthrough bleeding (the dose increases).

There are reviews of Djufaston about these negative consequences: migraine, headaches, breast tenderness, jaundice, abdominal pain, liver function disorders, hemolytic anemia, pruritus, rash, angioedema, urticaria, edema peripheral.

Contraindications duphaston

Since after duphaston may appear abnormal liver function, and allergic reactions, it is not suitable for certain liver diseases, hypersensitivity to the drug.

With care prescribe means patients who have recorded the appearance of itching during a previous pregnancy.