Diprosalik Lotion
 Diprosalik - combination drug based on corticosteroids (steroid hormones produced by the adrenal cortex) and antiseptics used in dermatology.

Pharmacological action

Active ingredients of the lotion and ointments are Diprosalik betamethasone dipropionate and salicylic acid.

Betamethasone dipropionate has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, and vasoconstrictive properties. Keratolytic (skin cell renewal), antimicrobial and antifungal action Diprosalik due to the action of salicylic acid.

Ointment Diprosalik, forming a protective film protects the skin from external moisture. Ointment Diprosalik reviews advised to apply for dry and fragile skin, as this form of the drug has a pronounced effect zhironasyschayuschim.

Diprosalik lotion, in turn, cools the skin, does not leave any greasy residue, spreads easily on the skin, without drying and gluing the hair.


Apply Diprosalik guide recommends that you:

  • psoriasis (a non-infectious dermatosis);
  • atopic dermatitis is a chronic (small itchy rash on the skin);
  • neurodermatitis (rash neuro-allergic origin);
  • flat Lichen (shallow multiple rash);
  • eczema (weeping, itchy inflammation of the skin caused by allergic nature);
  • dyshydrosis (transparent bubbles on the skin bones and feet);
  • seborrheic dermatitis (inflammation of skin as a result of disease of the sebaceous glands);
  • ordinary ichthyosis (scaly patches of skin thickening) and other ichthyosiform states.

Instructions for use Diprosalik

 Diprosalik ointment
 Diprosalik ointment should be applied to the affected skin morning and night.

In some cases, the effect is noticeable and less frequent application of the preparation.

A small amount of Diprosalik lotion is recommended to apply on the affected skin 2-3 times a day. Perhaps overlaying airtight dressings that must be changed once a day.

According to the instructions, in the form of a solution Diprosalik for treating diseases of the scalp.

The duration of treatment Diprosalik - 3 weeks.

side effects

Although Diprosalik ratings characterize how well tolerated the drug, in some cases, possible adverse reactions such as:

  • dry skin, irritation, itching, burning sensation;
  • hypertrichosis (excess hair growth), folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicle), allergic contact dermatitis, hypopigmentation (lighter skin), aknepodobnye rash, perioral (around the mouth), dermatitis;
  • when applying bandages - sudamen, stretching, secondary infection, skin atrophy, maceration (softening) of the skin.


According to the instructions, Diprosalik not indicated for fungal infections of the skin, tuberculosis, and hypersensitivity to the active substances of the drug.

As security Diprosalik for pregnant and lactating women has not been proved, to use the drug to these categories of patients can only be prescribed by a doctor.

Additional Information

Store Diprosalik be in a dark place at a temperature of 2-30 0 C. Useful drug is considered for 5 years from the date of production.