Diovan tablets
 Diovan - synthetic antihypertensive drug used to lower blood pressure and congestive heart failure.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Diovan effectively lowers blood pressure, without causing changes in heart rate. Diovan has an effect on responses in 2 hours, and the maximum reduction in blood pressure observed after 4-6 hours, which is maintained throughout the day.

Abrupt withdrawal of Diovan instructions for use does not cause severe high blood pressure or any other adverse clinical consequences.

Besides medication, as well as analogues of Diovan, also effective at high risk for cardiovascular complications after myocardial infarction.

Product form

Diovan produced in the form of tablets, coated tablets, containing active substance - Valsartan:

  • Oval yellow tablet, with the inscription «DO», 40 mg;
  • Round pink tablets with the inscription «D / V», 80 mg;
  • Oval gray-orange tablets with the inscription «DX / DX», 160 mg;
  • Oval gray-purple tablets with the inscription «DXL», 320 mg.

The blister packs of 14 pieces.

Also produces and analogues Diovan - Valz, Valsafors, Valsacor, Nortivan, Tantordio, Tareg, Valsartan Zentiva, which contain the same active ingredient valsartan.

Indications Diovan

 Diovan - a drug used in patients with chronic heart failure
 According to the instructions on the use of Diovan is indicated for:

  • Hypertension;
  • Chronic heart failure, in a combination therapy with the drugs digitalis, diuretics, ACE inhibitors or beta-blockers.

Diovan is also effective in the post-myocardial infarction complicated by left ventricular failure.


Diovan for instructions on how to use a rather narrow circle of contraindications, which includes:

  • Lactation;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Hypersensitivity to Diovan.

The drug Diovan as counterparts are encouraged to apply with caution in:

  • A diet with restriction of sodium;
  • Hepatic failure with obstruction of the bile ducts;
  • Renal insufficiency;
  • Bilateral renal artery stenosis;
  • State, accompanied by a decrease in blood volume, including diarrhea and vomiting.

Dosing Diovan

The daily dose of Diovan on the instructions for use in hypertension is one tablet of 80 mg per day, and the dose does not depend on gender and age. In the opinion of the antihypertensive effect of the use of Diovan is observed in the first two weeks of treatment, and the maximum - a month of therapy. The daily dose can be increased to 320 mg if the desired therapeutic effect to reduce blood pressure is not achieved at lower doses. In addition to increasing doses simultaneously administered diuretics.

The recommended starting dose of Diovan in chronic heart failure is 40 mg twice daily. The starting dose may be increased to twice or four times with good endurance amid falling Diovan dose use of diuretics.

Post-myocardial infarction treatment usually begin during the first 12 hours of the initial dose of 20 mg twice a day, followed by a gradual increase to 160 mg twice daily.

Overdose Diovanom of reviews may lead to a marked decrease in blood pressure and shock.

side effects

Most often, the application of Diovan on responses develop viral infections, neutropenia, postural dizziness and orthostatic hypotension.

Much less use of Diovan is:

  • Infections of the upper respiratory tract;
  • Feeling tired;
  • Sore throat;
  • Back pain;
  • Sinusitis;
  • Hyperkalemia;
  • Fainting;
  • Asteniiyu;
  • Vertigo;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Feeling tired;
  • Heart failure;
  • Edema;
  • Hypotension;
  • Cough;
  • Sleeplessness;
  • stomach ache;
  • Decreased libido.

Rhinitis, thrombocytopenia, hypersensitivity reactions, including serum sickness, dizziness and headache, vasculitis, nausea, angioedema, rash, pruritus, arthralgia, myalgia, renal dysfunction and acute renal failure, Diovan for reviews is very rare.

storage conditions

Diovan belongs to the drugs List B with a recommended shelf life of 3 years.