Dikrasin 1

Dikrasin - an anti-inflammatory drug is plant-based.

Pharmacological action

Action Dikrasin 1 due to plant phenolic compounds, tannins, essential oils in its composition.

Dikrasin has antioxidant and local irritating action, acts as anelgitik, reduces inflammation, destroys the bacteria, stimulates microcirculation in the place of destruction, dissolves toxins and salt.

Dikrasin - it is hypoallergenic, which does not affect the blood pressure, the condition of the skin.

Judging by the reviews of Dikrasine, its application eliminates or reduce the use of non-steroidal drugs.

Product form

The solution is to apply topically.


Assign Dikrasin for the treatment of joint diseases: osteoarthritis deforming, accompanied by the defeat of GBS, the defeat of the spine; osteoarthritis of the knee, shoulder, hip; osteochondrosis; ankylosing spondylitis; inflammation in the periarticular tissues of large joints, the joint capsule and ligaments surrounding the muscles and tendons; articular rheumatism syndrome; spondylosis deformans.

Positive feedback on Dikrasine applied in sports injuries, sprains, muscle sprains.

Instructions for use Dikrasina

As indicated in the instructions Dikrasina, causing the drug only intact, clean and dry skin. Before using a bottle of solution should be shaken.

If amazed isolated joints Dikrasin1 rubbed into the affected area (15-20kap) every day or one p / two days if there is aggravation, accompanied by pain.

 Application Dikrasina - Outdoor
 Topical application is generally carried out Dikrasin 18-20dn. Repeat treatment may be in two weeks.

If the patient is found macrovascular diabetic vascular, arterial occlusive disease, conduct a full therapeutic course, and after - two weeks Dikrasin rubbed into the skin of the feet is one w / two days for 18d. (Total 9 procedures).

A full course prescribed for osteochondrosis, spondylosis deforming and ankylosing spondylitis under the scheme:

  • First day. Gradually the whole body of the patient is treated Dikrasin 1, which means you need to 25-30ml. The procedure takes about half an hour, rubbing is carried out in an orderly fashion: a phalanx of toes, feet, the rear surface of the body, neck, belly and arms. Not only are processed Dikrasin areas with violation of the trophic (associated with diseases of the venous system of the legs).
  • Second day. Body massage using any means indifferent to the ointment basis (without Dikrasin1).
  • The third day. Water treatments.

According to the instructions listed Dikrasina manipulation, alternating, carried 6 times. Total full course consumes about 200ml (three bottles) Dikrasina.

If the case is severe, it is possible to carry out two or three courses with a break of two weeks.

Side effects

There are reviews of Dikrasine, that it can cause itching (through the skin is due to the release of salts and impurities), rash, flushing of the skin. If this happens, the affected areas are not treated Dikrasin (only neutral ointment) to the disappearance of side effects.

Do not stop rubbing Dikrasina if the patient's condition deteriorated. In case of severe acute simply increase the interval between rubbing.


According to the instructions Dikrasina drug does not apply if there is a rash on the skin, found inflammatory, allergic, infectious skin diseases.

Do not use Dikrasin1 during menstruation, lactation, pregnancy, intolerance means for osteoarthritis of the hip joint 3-4st., Degenerative lesions of the spine, degenerative (with destabilization in his joints) diseases complicated by heart failure 2-3st.

Do not appoint Dikrasin children under 15L.