Dikain - a drug used in ophthalmic practice
 Dikain refers to a group of local anesthetic drugs.

Pharmacological action

The drug is a fairly strong anesthetic, which is significantly superior to the activity of Novocain. Dikain well absorbed into the body through the mucous membranes.

Product form

Producing Dikain powder or eye dikainom films, which are implemented in the box dispenser of 30 pcs.

Indications dicain

Instruction dicain notes that the drug can be used only for surface anesthesia.


It is not recommended to use the drug in patients with severe general condition, and children under 10 years of age.

Dikain not apply at keratins (an inflammation of the clear covering of the eye or the cornea).

Instructions dicain: how to use

 Dikain - local anesthetic drug
 In a 0, a 1% solution is used in ophthalmic practice, where the drug was measured using the intraocular pressure. According to the doctor's prescription Dikain need to dig at intervals of a minute or two double 1 drop. Within a few minutes developing anesthesia. Provided that the need to produce a surgery to remove a foreign body or can drip 2-3 drops of 0, 25-0, 5-1-2%. Severe anesthesia should develop within 1-2 minutes. It is important to know that solutions containing more than 2% of the active substance, may damage the outer layer of the cornea and cause significant vasodilation conjunctiva (the outer membrane of the eye). Typically, for anesthesia to further surgery enough 0, 5% solution. To enhance and prolong the anesthetic effect, can be added to a solution of tetracaine 0, 1% solution of epinephrine.

Provided that need quite a long anesthesia in ophthalmic practice can be used eye film, each of which contains 0, 75 mg tetracaine.

According to the instructions, Dikain can be used in ENT practice, when necessary surface anesthesia during certain surgical interventions necessary for the removal of polyps, middle or inferior turbinate, to carry out operations on the middle ear, sinus puncture. It is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the patient and take great care when using the drug due to the fact that it is quite rapidly absorbed through the mucous membranes.

The highest dose dicain adult, requiring anesthesia of upper respiratory tract - 3% solution in an amount of 3 ml.

Syringes and tools when working with the product in any case shall not contain any residual alkali, because due to its content Dikain precipitates.

side effects

In applying the drug should be very careful, because it is toxic.

According to reviews, Dikain may cause allergic reactions.

Analogs dicain

Among peers dicain be called Detsikan, Interkain, Reksokain, Ametokain, Pantokain, Anetin, Fonkain, Medical and Felikain.

Further instructions

Store this medication should be in a well-sealed container.

Sold Dikain prescription.