Pharmacological action


Diflyuzol is an antifungal drug that provide highly specific action.

The active substance Diflyuzola, fluconazole, is able to reduce the activity of enzymes of fungi and inhibits the synthesis of sterols, which play an important role in the formation of cell membranes, as well as to increase the permeability of the membranes of fungi, break their growth and reproduction.

Diflyuzol, reviews confirm active against many pathogens fungal diseases.


Diflyuzol instructions recommended for:

  • cryptococcosis (infection caused by a type of yeast, it affects the central nervous system, lungs, skin, mucous membranes);
  • candidiasis (thrush) of any localization;
  • mycosis of the skin of feet, the groin, the nails, the body (diseases provoked by parasitic fungi);
  • endemic mycosis (specific to certain areas);
  • prevention of infections in patients who were assigned to cytostatic (cell division inhibitory) therapy.

The most widely used Diflyuzol from yeast, as in the fight against fungus that causes the disease has shown to be an effective and safe remedy.

Instructions for use Diflyuzola

Diflyuzol available in capsule form and a solution for infusion. Diflyuzol pills currently are not produced.

Because the half-life of fluconazole is approximately 30 hours, Diflyuzol enough to take once a day. A single dose of the drug for vaginal candidiasis corresponds to 150 mg. Diflyuzol thrush mucosa is recommended to take in the amount of 50-100 mg daily for 2-4 weeks.

When mycosis of the skin enough to take 50 mg daily or Diflyuzola 150-200 mg once a week. Duration of therapy in this disease - 2-4 weeks, but the athlete's foot treatment involves a longer - up to 6 weeks. When nail mycosis Diflyuzol necessary to take as long as a healthy nail will not replace the affected - once a week for 150-200 mg.

Receiving 50 mg Diflyuzola daily for 2-4 weeks lets cure chromophytosis. The same daily dose of medication is needed to prevent fungal infections in patients with reduced immunity. Treatment  Diflyuzol pills
 cryptococcal infection recommended to start with 400 mg Diflyuzola the first day, and then continue taking 200-400 mg daily for 6-8 weeks.

Since Diflyuzol tablets for children are not provided, the preparation for this age group is also assigned in the form of capsules. Children older than 1 year for the treatment of candidiasis of the mucous membrane Diflyuzol appointed 1-3 mg / kg once a day, with systemic candidiasis and cryptococcosis - by 3-12 mg / kg. Infants under the age of two weeks from the birth of the calculated dose Diflyuzola administered once every three days, and the newborn at age three or four weeks - once in two days.

Patients with renal failure or impaired renal function dose adjustment is required, specified in the instructions to Diflyuzolu.

side effects

Among the adverse effects of the drug Diflyuzol reviews and clinical trials are the following:

  • dizziness, cramps, headache, change in taste;
  • abdominal pain, flatulence, nausea, vomiting;
  • renal failure or liver;
  • neutropenia (decrease in the number of neutrophils in the blood), leukopenia (reduction in white blood cell count), agranulocytosis (increased susceptibility to infections in the background of neutropenia), thrombocytopenia (low platelet counts);
  • skin rash, itching, swelling of the face, angioedema, urticaria.


Apply Diflyuzol instruction prohibits individual intolerance of fluconazole as well as while taking cisapride and terfenadine.

When pregnancy Diflyuzol appointed only on vital indications. During lactation the use of this preparation involves the abolition of breastfeeding.

Caution is needed in the appointment of Diflyuzola patients with pathology of the liver and the heart, due to the risk of arrhythmia.

Additional Information

Room temperature - storage Diflyuzola only condition under which the drug for 4 years will be considered fit for use.