Differin - a treatment for acne.

The pharmacological action of Differin

 Differin Cream
 Differin anti-inflammatory effect, helps eliminate dark spots, while acting in the closed and open comedones, acne breaks cork, reduces sebum production.

The active ingredient of the drug - adapalene.

Product form

Produce gel and cream.

Analogs Differin - Klenzit, adapalene Adolat.


Differin is used to treat acne and mild average.

Differin Guide: how to use

Means for manual Differin applied once a day to the affected areas of acne, at night, without rubbing. Skin before applying the gel and cream should be clean and dry.

Effect of the drug develops within 4-8 weeks after the start of treatment, steady improvement is observed after three months.

Repeated courses of therapy is carried out only on the recommendation of a physician.

Differin cream is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

The combination of the drug with the local and systemic antibiotics (erythromycin lotion 4% Clindamycin Lotion 1%), as well as benzoyl peroxide and antiandrogens internal use. This Differin cream or gel is applied at night and in the morning using other means. Adverse clinical effects of this drug interactions have been recorded.

 Klenzit - similar Differin
 Reviews of Differin characterize it as a highly effective drug, the effect of which in some cases could be seen after the first week of use. Note that tool successfully removes blackheads on her back and shoulders.

Analogs Differin, despite the similarity principle, be applied only on prescription.

side effects

Differin when used in large quantities can cause skin peeling.

Sometimes during the treatment of the skin irritation occurs. In this case, the application of an ointment or cream suspended and resumed after the irritation pass.

No reviews on differin, is caused due to an overdose of the active ingredient of his negative effects. It is found that adapalene is absorbed into the blood in small amounts.

Contraindications Differin

Avoid contact with the drug on the lips and eyes. During treatment, can not be under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Do not use cosmetics with a drying, irritant effects, for example, those that contain alcohol, as well as funds that clog the pores of the skin (powders, creams, creams with a dense texture), as they can provoke the appearance of comedones.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding women should not be applied Differin.