Dibikor - a drug that improves metabolism and energy supply of tissues
 Dibikor - a drug that improves metabolism and energy supply of tissues, widely used in the treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Dibikora - taurine, and has membrane-osmoregulatory action and normalizes metabolism of calcium and potassium in the cells and has a positive effect on the phospholipid composition of cell membranes. No side effects or contraindications Dibikora is an advantage compared with other drugs for the treatment of diabetes. Protective effect on Dibikora instructions directed to the retina, heart, liver and red blood cells.

Application Dibikora in cardiovascular disease reduces the stagnation in the small and large circulation, which manifests itself as a decrease in intracardiac diastolic pressure and increase myocardial contractility. The drug in chronic diffuse liver diseases reduces the severity of cytolysis and increases blood flow.

The application Dibikora moderately decreased blood pressure in hypertension, wherein the drug reduces the side effects which occur in overdose blockers "slow" calcium channels, and cardiac glycosides. Long-term use of reviews Dibikora improves microcirculation of the eye.

In addition, the drug, as well as analogues Dibikora, increases efficiency during heavy exercise. Dibikor reviews for reducing blood sugar levels in diabetes in about two weeks. Also, the drug can reduce the concentration of triglycerides and cholesterol.

Form release Dibikora

 Dibikor tablets
 Dibikor produced as a white colored tablets containing 250 and 500 mg of taurine. Excipients - gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, potato starch, calcium stearate and aerosil. 10 pieces in blister, 30 and 60 tablets in a glass jar.

Also produced analogues Dibikora - Taufon drugs and taurine containing the same active ingredient.

Indications Dibikora

According to the instructions Dibikor used for:

  • Cardiovascular failure of different etiology;
  • Intoxication caused by cardiac glycosides;
  • Diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2.


Dibikor contraindicated to take in case of hypersensitivity to the drug.

Due to the lack of reliable clinical studies of the drug in pediatric age and 18 years as a contraindication Dibikoru.

Dosing Dibikora

According to the instructions Dibikor heart failure take twice a day for 250-500 mg, preferably 20 minutes before eating. The average duration of treatment - 30 days. A single dose can vary from 125 mg to accept up to 2-3 g per day.

In type 2 diabetes usually Dibikor used as monotherapy, or in some cases - in conjunction with other antidiabetic drugs. In type 1 diabetes Dibikor take in combination with insulin, a course of treatment - 3-6 months.

The drug, like counterparts Dibikora, absolutely compatible with all the drugs that are used in the treatment of diabetes and its addition in the complex therapy promotes better compensation of diabetes. During therapy, the dose Dibikorom blockers and cardiac glycosides "slow" calcium channels is recommended to reduce by 2 times.

side effects

According to reviews Dibikor well tolerated and practically does not cause significant side effects, except allergic reactions to the drug.

storage conditions

Dibikor - drug dispensing by prescription, the recommended shelf life of 3 years.