Dextrose - Medicines used for carbohydrate diet.

The pharmacological action of Dextrose

Dextrose stimulates a variety of regenerative processes, participates in metabolism, improves liver function, replenishes fluid deficit.

Dextrose 10, 20 and 40% increase in contractility of the heart muscle, the osmotic blood pressure, increased diuresis, dilates blood vessels.

Product form

Release tablets and dextrose solution.


Dextrose helps with hypoglycemia, poisoning, dehydration caused by diarrhea, vomiting, or arising in the postoperative period, toxic liver disease: atrophy / dystrophy body, hepatitis, hepatic failure, as well as hemorrhagic diathesis, shock, collapse.

Dextrose composition include antishock and blood fluids, used to dissolve the drug to be administered intravenously.

Dextrose Guide: how to use

5% dextrose solution intravenously at a rate 150kap / min. Permitted dosage for adults - 2n. A solution of 10% is introduced at a rate of not more than 60kap / min, the dosage of his riding - 1L. A solution of 20% is introduced at a rate 30-40kap / min, the dosage of his riding - 500ml. A solution of 40% is introduced at a speed of no more 30kap / min, it permissible dose - 250ml.

Bolus administered 5 and 10% solutions - in an amount of 10-50ml. For adults whose metabolism is not broken, it is a daily dose of Dextrose no more than 4-6g / kg. At low metabolic rate is reduced to a dosage 200-300g // kg / day. The daily volume of fluid that is injected into the body, should not be more than 30-40ml / kg.

Dextrose children together with amino acids and fats is administered in an amount of 6g / kg / day in the 1 st day of therapy, and then - to 15g / kg / day. The rate of introduction of the solution - not more than 0 5 g / kg / hr. If there is a need for a more thorough understanding of dextrose, which is introduced in a large amount, you can enter the insulin - 1U to 4-5g solution. Patients with diabetes dextrose is administered by monitoring its level in urine, and blood.  Dextrose tablets

side effects

The tool can cause hyperglycemia, acute left ventricular failure, hypervolemia, thrombophlebitis, infections, disorders of the ion balance, local irritation, fever.


Dextrose can not apply to patients in the hyperosmolar coma, diabetic suffering gipergidtratatsiey, hyperglycemia, circulatory disorders and impaired glucose utilization (postoperative), as well as those who have discovered the brain or pulmonary edema, acute left ventricular failure.

During pregnancy and breast-feeding women are allowed to take the drug, but only on prescription.