Desitin - topical anti-inflammatory agent.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Desitina - zinc oxide, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, good capacity for absorption.

Thanks vaseline-lanolin-based ointment on the treated surface forms a protective film barrier, protected from irritants.

There are also reviews of Desitine, it dries, softening, astringent.

Components ointments exert systemic effects on human, is not absorbed into the bloodstream.

Product form

Produce Desitin ointment and cream for external use.


Desitin ointment is indicated for the treatment of lesions on the skin of different origin: diaper dermatitis, burns, ulcers, cuts, superficial wounds, aggravated eczema, bedsores, streptoderma, diaper rash, cold sores, sores, shingles bubble, small thermal and solar burns.

Instructions for use Desitina

Desitin for instructions apply only externally, not allowing her contact with mucous.

 Desitin ointment
 For the treatment of children dermatitis ointment applied at the first symptoms three or more p / day (after each diaper change, diapers). There are reviews of Desitine about conducted with the help of effective prevention of dermatitis - an ointment or cream at night is applied to the skin of the child, which is covered by a diaper, a diaper.

For other indications Desitin cream is applied for one month with a thin layer 4-6 p / day. Apply the cream, ointment should be exclusively on the net, the dried surface. The amount of ointment to apply depends on the area affected.

For the treatment of wounds and burns for greater efficiency should be bandaged.

side effects

After applying the ointment may appear on the skin rashes, itching, redness, but reviews of Desitine mostly positive (when used according to instructions).

Cautions - ointment with an unpleasant odor, it is difficult to wash off.

The possibility of overdose is excluded, data on its interaction with other drugs are not available.


As indicated in the instructions Desitina, it can not be used if the patient is sensitive to the facility.

During pregnancy, breast-feeding can apply ointment Desitin.

Do not apply ointment or cream, if damaged skin infected. Also, do not use the drug for the treatment of pustular lesions.