Derinat - immunomodulatory drug.

Pharmacological action

Derinat - means of activating the humoral, cellular immunity, immune stimulatory response to bacterial, viral, fungal antigens, normalizes the process of regeneration.

There are reviews of Derinat as drugs that increase the body's resistance to infections, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces the sensitivity of cells to radiation and chemotherapy.

Product form

Producing Derinat drops and solutions for topical injections.

Indications Derinat

Injections Derinat appoint patients with erosive gastroduodenitis, radiation damage, gastrointestinal ulcer, ischemic heart disease. They also conduct gynecological, andrology, oncology, pulmonary tuberculosis.

Topical application Derinat solution is indicated for venous ulcers, nonhealing wounds, burns, purulent-septic complications character, stomatitis, hemorrhoids, inflammatory, bacterial, fungal diseases of the vagina, gangrene.

There are positive reviews of Derinat, its use for the treatment of patients with resistant tsistostaticheskim means (those who receive radiation or cytostatic therapy).

Drops Derinat prescribed for SARS, fever, inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, frontal sinuses, sinusitis, obliterating diseases of vessels in the legs.

Instructions for use Derinat

The solution according to the instructions Derinat administered intramuscularly, and sometimes practiced it subcutaneously administration.

Adults Derinat administered in single-dose 5 mL. When coronary artery disease, andrology, gynecological diseases, a single dose is administered every 24-72ch. The course of treatment - 10 injections.

At a stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcers and stomach single dose administered every 48h. The course - five injections.

When cancer is administered to adults every 5ml Derinat 24-72ch. The course of treatment - 3-10 injections.

When pulmonary tuberculosis prescribe a single dose administered every 24-48ch. During the course of the therapeutic spend 10-15 injections.

Chronic inflammation treated by administering a single dose Derinat every day. After 5d. the interval was increased to 72 hours. The course of treatment - 10 injections.

Derinat Children appoint the same scheme, but a single dose is different: for children up to 2 years - 0, 5 ml of the solution; Children 2-10l. payment solution is carried out on the basis of age - 0, 5 ml of one year of life. Derinat single dose for children over 10 liters. - 5ml.

K  Derinat drops
 apli Derinat for preventing drip into each nostril 2kap. 2-4 p / day. for 2ned. For therapeutic purposes, the drops administered at the first signs of the disease: 2-3kap. into each nostril every 1-2h. the first day. Then in the following days drip 2-3 drops in each nostril Derinat 3-4 p / day. Treatment may last from 5d. 1mes up.

In the form of drops can be used Derinat for children and adults.

According to the instructions in the post-radiation necrosis Derinat mucous membranes and skin, nonhealing wounds, burns, trophic ulcers, frostbite, gangrene used as a topical application (which is applied 3-4 p / day) or spraying the affected surface - 10-40ml 4-5 p / d. Duration of Derinat - 1-3mes.

When inflammation of the mouth rinse solution practiced 4-6 p / day. 5-10dn.

Hemorrhoids are treated with mikroklizm (15-40ml). The course of treatment lasts 4-10dn.

Chronic inflammatory diseases, bacterial, fungal infections in gynecology treated in the vagina swab moistened with a solution of Derinat or through irrigation of the cervix, vagina solution - 5 ml. One procedure for one or two p / night 10-14dn.

Side effects

On derinatom reviews basically good, especially when it is applied locally.

When the injection can be observed painful. Also, in some patients after injection can increase body temperature (up to 38grd), but it means you can not cancel. In this case, lowering the temperature to take analgesics or diphenhydramine.

In patients with diabetes use Derinat can cause hypoglycemia.

Contraindications Derinat

The solution according to the instructions Derinat not indicated in patients with intolerance to the drug.

Injections Derinat not recommended for lactating and pregnant women.