Cosmetic cream Demalan
 Demalan - is an antiparasitic agent.

Pharmacological action

The drug has dermotropic and local anti-inflammatory effect. Also Demalan expressed antibacterial, antidemodekoznoe action that can be used to eliminate any symptoms of an allergic reaction (eg, Demodectic rash, itchy eyelids and covers the face) to prevent the appearance of new lesions and eliminate the burning sensation and discomfort.

Demalan contains natural highly purified glycans, which are received by the original technology.

Product form

Demalan comes in the form of a cream for the face and eyelids, which is in the box of 10 g The preparation includes emulsifiers, chamomile, olive oil and glycans.

Indications Demalan

Application instructions for Demalan recommended for skin care, which struck rash parasitic or bacterial origin, including for the treatment of demodectic skin of eyelids, face, ear canal and ears.

According to reviews, Demalan is also effective in the treatment of:

  • rash caused by the presence of mites;
  • eroded edges of the eyelids, which can occur in the background of demodectic blepharitis.


It is noted that taking the drug may be associated with allergic reactions.

Instructions Demalan: how to use

 Demalan - drug, anti-inflammatory effect
 According to the instructions to Demalanu, it is applied topically to the affected areas of the face or demodex lid margin.

The course of treatment typically lasts 45 days under the condition applying the cream 1 or 2 times per day. The most effective drug after applying it to the skin, which was twice treated with tincture of calendula and eucalyptus. Between wiping to do 15-minute interval. After half an hour after application is necessary to remove the remnants of the cream with a clean cloth. If you intend applying cream in the evening, it is better to treat the skin with warm water and soap and then apply Demalan (reviews suggest that this drug works much more efficiently).

side effects

When applying Demalan for various reasons may be itching or redness. When these undesirable effects should immediately consult a doctor or refuse taking the drug.

Analogs Demalan

To date no analogues Demalan.

Conditions and terms

Keep the cream does not need more than a year out of the reach of children, dry place at temperature not exceeding 25 about FROM.