Dekasan - an antimicrobial agent.

Pharmacological action

Dekasan active against most Gram-negative, gram-positive bacteria - diphtheria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, streptococcus, staphylococcus.

Shows and anti-drug action - kills trihofitii, erythrasma, yeast-like fungi, athlete, some types of fungi plesnevidnyh.

Apply Dekasan to deal with Trichomonas, Giardia.

There were no germs that are resistant to Dekasanu.

Product form

Produce solution Dekasan inhalation, oral administration of the affected organs, for outdoor use.


The instructions listed Dekasana such testimony to his appointment: fungal skin diseases, pustular, bacterial nature, including microbial eczema, purulent-inflammatory diseases of the skin in the process of drainage and open wounds (abscess, felon, abscess, carbuncle, boils, etc.), inflammation of the mouth, inflammatory diseases of the respiratory organs, occurring in severe form, their complications, upper respiratory tract infection ( laringofaringit chronic, angina, a bacterial carrier), inflammation of the colon (proctitis, ulcerative colitis, sigmoid), inflammation of the urogenital region (prostatitis, endometriosis, vaginitis, urethritis, balanoposthitis).

The practice of applying Dekasana surgery in abdominal operations for irrigation of the pleural, peritoneal cavity, a large wound surfaces.

It can be used for sterilization of medical instruments, equipment, disinfection of gloves, hands of medical personnel to carry out operations for the rehabilitation of the birth canal before delivery.

Instructions for use Deksana

A solution of pure Dekasana used in the form of lotions, washes for treating skin diseases.

To eliminate fistula every day solution washed fistulous passages. Treatment lasts 5d.

For the treatment of cystitis and urethritis chronic solution diluted with clean water (1: 7), relying on a medical course in 20 washings - 600ml.

For the treatment of prostate, colon colon instructions Dekasana contains such a scheme of treatment: two rows solution 100ml / day is administered as an enema. A solution to the fuel. The treatment is carried out to remove the symptoms of an exacerbation.

For the treatment of diseases of the mouth rinse or use applications. To rinse take 150ml for applications - 50ml. (Holding 12-15min.).

Periodontal disease 1-2y degree during an exacerbation treated by irrigation gums warm solution (100ml).

Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, candidiasis of the mouth rinse treated: 150 ml of solution Dekasan 4-5r / day. The treatment lasts for 10d.

For the treatment of palatine tonsils fungus, chronic tonsillitis, pathogen carriers bacteriological flora practice rinsing the throat, tonsils lacunas: up to 100ml Dekasana per wash.

 Dekasan inhalation
 Use and ultrasonic inhalation Dekasana - for the treatment of festering bronchiectasis, cystic lung hypoplasia with an abscess, acute bronchitis, chronic.

Inhalation Dekasana necessary to 10ml solution, they spend one or two p / day. In these diseases, the solution may be administered by other methods: mikrotraheostomalno (two rows / day over 50ml) using transnasal catheter (a r / day at most 10ml), tracheobronchial lavage (not more than 100ml).

side effects

Dekasan when applied topically can cause local allergic reactions: skin redness, urticaria.

With the drug endobronchial drug there is a feeling of burning and heat that passes through the 30 minutes after the procedure.


Dekasan can not be used when the patient drug intolerance.