Dekaris 1 tablet
 Dekaris - worming agent.

Pharmacological action

Dekaris with high performance eliminates helminth at a time causing their paralysis and death.

Also, the drug has immunomodulatory effects, increase the number of antibodies for different antigens.

The active ingredient of the drug - levomizol.

When using dekaris should be aware that it is effective only against those parasites that are retained in the body carrier, using his muscular activity.

Not active drug against helminths, which are fixed in the intestinal mucosa against most trematode worms tape.

Product form

Dekaris release tablets.

Indications dekaris

The drug is effective in such diseases caused by worms: ascariasis, hookworm (leads to anemia, decrease in the number of red blood cells), necatoriasis, trihostrongilez, strongyloidiasis (intestinal diseases, provoked by intestinal worms), trichuriasis (an intestinal disease caused by whipworm), enterobiasis (called pinworms) .

There are also reviews of dekaris, has been used successfully for toxoplasmosis - parasitic disease, caused by a Toxoplasma Toxoplasma gondii.

Perhaps the use of the drug Dekaris for children and adults.

Instructions for use dekaris

 Dekaris 2 tablets
 Dekaris according to the instructions given orally during a meal.

For the treatment of toxoplasmosis is prescribed to take 150mg / day for 3 days. So it goes two or three courses at weekly intervals.

For the treatment of helminthiasis adult prescribe the drug once on night- 150mg. For children Dekaris, the dose is calculated on the basis of their weights: 2, 5 mg / kg, and once before bedtime.

According to the testimony may be just one treatment dekaris a week.

side effects

Application dekaris can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, alkaline phosphatase activity, nausea.

There are reviews of dekaris, that its use in patients caused headaches, peripheral polyneuropathy, paresthesia, seizures, generalized, olfactory hallucinations, entsefalitopodobny syndrome, lethargy, speech disorder.

After taking the drug Dekaris also may develop agranulocytosis, leukopenia, hypercreatininemia, kidney disease, allergic reactions, uterine bleeding, periorbital edema, change in taste, myasthenia gravis, in rare cases - iridocyclitis, lymphadenopathy, vasculitis, sores in the mouth, fatigue, violations sleep, ataxia, confusion, tremor

Contraindications dekaris

Dekaris of instructions are not prescribed for agranulocytosis caused by drugs (also in history). And during pregnancy, children up to 14L, during lactation, with increased individual sensitivity to an agent.

Care should be taken when appointing dekaris patients with renal failure, hepatic, cerebrovascular with leukemia in the acute stage, with inhibition of bone marrow hematopoiesis.