Danazol - antihormones.

Pharmacological action

Danazol inhibits the production of pituitary hormones that stimulate the production of hormones in the gonads.

In high doses, the drug has a mild androgenic effect, enhances the production of protein.

Product form

Producing Danazol capsules.


Danazol is indicated for the treatment of endometriosis, accompanied by infertility, benign breast disease, to improve the state of health during the premenstrual period, the primary treatment of menorrhagia (heavy menstrual periods), hereditary angioneurotic edema.

There are good reviews about Danazol is used to treat gynecomastia (abnormal breast enlargement in men).

Instructions for use of danazol

Danazol is prescribed according to the instructions to take orally. Dosage Adult: 200-800mg / day. The drug is usually taken for 2-4 reception. Women taking the drug is usually administered on the first day of menstruation.

 Danazol Capsules
 In endometriosis drug begin to give 400mg of after - 800mg. The treatment lasts six months.

To prepare for the operation to take medication prescribed by 300-400mg / day for 1-2 months before surgery.

For the treatment of male gynecomastia appoint 200-600mg / day.

For the prevention of angioneurotic edema begin to take Danazol 200mg followed by lowering the dosage if there is no relapse. Treatment continues 1-3mes.

Teenagers in cases of precocious puberty appoint 100-400mg / day

Side effects

There are reviews of danazol, can cause nausea, dizziness, alopecia, headaches, acne, rash, increased greasiness of the skin, easy hirsutism, fluid retention, deepening of voice, and other manifestations virilazatsii (manifestation of masculine traits in women).


Danazol for instructions contraindicated during lactation, porphyria, pregnancy.

With care prescribe a remedy for the treatment of patients with renal insufficiency, cardiac, diabetes mellitus (require dose adjustment of insulin).

Usually do not prescribe Danazol simultaneously with anticoagulants and anticonvulsants as it may enhance their effect.

In applying the drug should be remembered that it reduces the effect of oral hypoglycemic agents, insulin.

Do not use the drug as a means of protection against unwanted pregnancy.