Dalargin powder
 Dalargin - a sorbent enveloping drugs used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Pharmacological action

Dalargin suppresses the secretion of digestive juices, accelerate healing of ulcers gastrointestinal tract, lowers blood pressure.

Dalargin also reduces the secretion of the prostate, pancreatic response to stimuli (secretin, food).

If the pancreas is affected, Dalargin reduces the activity of enzymes pancreatic urine, blood, tissue necrosis foci limits gland, promotes their replacement by healthy tissue.

Product form

Dalargin manufactured as a lyophilized powder for solution for injection and a final solution. Slight smell of acetic acid.


According to the instructions Dalargin prescribed for acute gastric diseases gastrointestinal tract (duodenal ulcers, stomach), pancreatitis, pancreatic necrosis.

There are good reviews about Dalargin, its participation in the combined treatment of alcoholism, diseases with underlying permeability of blood through the vessels of the lower extremities.

Instructions for use Dalargin

Dalargin with ulcers prescribe injections - intramuscular, intravenous. Single dose -1mg. For intramuscular injection Dalargin powder diluted in 1ml and intravenous - in 5-10ml. isotonic sodium chloride solution.

 Dalargin solution
 Multiplicity Dalargin injections: intramuscular do two p / day, and intravenous - once. Treatment usually lasts 3-4ned. On average, according to the instructions Dalargin one treatment is necessary 30-50mg of the drug.

Good reviews of Dalargin, its impact on the mental state of patients with alcoholism: the drug is administered intravenously slowly dissolved in 1 ml of isotonic solution of 10ml.

Acute pancreatitis Dalargin administered intravenously - 2mg one or two rows / day after - 5 mg. Therapy lasts 4-6dn.

In acute necrotizing pancreatitis Dalargin also administered intravenously: 5mg 3-4 p / day with a break 6-8ch. Therapy lasts 2-6dn.

According to the instructions dalargin solution for injections, intravenous injection prepared just before use.

side effects

Usually Dalargin well tolerated, can only decrease in pressure, allergic reactions caused by individual intolerance.


Dalargin not indicated during pregnancy, patients with severe reduced pressure during acute infections with hypersensitivity agent.