Composition Cyclodynon

The solution preparation  Packing Cyclodynon
 It contains the active ingredient - dry extract of K. prostrata ordinary (Agnuscastus). As auxiliary substances are used: Purified water, polysorbate 20, povidone, sodium dihydrate, sucrose, sorbitol 70% (nekristalliziruyuschiysya), ethanol 96% peppermint flavor.

In tablets - the active ingredient of dry extract of K. prostrata ordinary (Agnuscastus). As auxiliary substances are used: colloidal silica, povidone, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, potato starch, microcrystalline cellulose.

Pharmacological action

Cyclodynon normalizes blood concentration of sex hormones. The active ingredient of the drug, vegetable matter - ordinary prostrate summer cypress.

Dopaminergic effects of the drug results in decreased production of prolactin. Elevated levels of prolactin inhibits the secretion of gonadotropins, which leads to disruption of ovulation and corpus luteum formation, resulting in possible disruption of the menstrual cycle and mastodynia.

Also prolactin stimulates the proliferative processes in the mammary gland, increasing the formation of connective tissue and enhancing milk ducts. Thus, reducing the levels of prolactin in relieving pain syndromes in mammary glands and cause regression of pathological processes.

Indications Cyclodynon

Premenstrual syndrome, menstrual disorder, mammalgia.


Hypersensitivity of the components of the drug.

Application Cyclodynon during pregnancy and lactation

According to the instructions Cyclodynon not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding.

Cyclodynon Dosage and instructions for use

Cyclodynon solution should be shaken before use. 1 is administered orally once a day for 40 drops in the morning is better, with a little water.

The tablets are taken orally one time a day, without chewing, with some water.

Standard rate  Drops Cyclodynon
 Treatment is designed for 3 months without interruption during the menstrual cycle.

While improving the condition and disappearance of symptoms should continue taking Cyclodynon within 2-3 weeks.

Side effects Cyclodynon

According to the feedback received Cyclodynon can occasionally have side effects, manifested in the form of allergic skin reactions. There are reviews of individual cases, agitation, hallucinations, confusion manifestations.


Overdose Cyclodynon reviews have been received.

Cyclodynon Interactions with other drugs

In a joint reception with counterparts Cyclodynon antagonists of dopamine receptors is a mutual weakening effect. Interactions currently unknown.


If you encounter in the course of treatment of pain in the breasts, depression, or menstrual disorders, should consult a doctor. The composition of the shell tablets include lactose. Individual intolerance to lactose can cause diarrhea and pain in the epigastric region. Like its analogs Ciclodinone no effect on the ability to control appliances and vehicles. As part of the solution contains alcohol, which should be taken into account when assigning receiving this drug.

Note for patients with diabetes

Persons with diabetes allowed Ciclodinone acceptance in the form of droplets, and in the form of tablets. In a single dose of the drug contains less than 0, 03 "bread units".

Storage conditions

Drops are stored in a dark place. The tablets are stored in a dark, dry place at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children. In Ciclodinone solution during storage may precipitate, which in no way affects the effectiveness of the drug.