Cream Glutamol
 Glutamol - hygienic means against dermatitis.

Release form and composition Glutamola

The drug is available as a cream in a tube 30 gr.

The active substance of cream - glutamol. Accessories: tea tree oil, glycerin, vitamin A, vitamin E oil, Vaseline, perfume, wax, purified drinking water, beauty sterol tryutanolamin.

Indications for use of the drug

Glutamol prescribed according to the instructions:

  • People with sensitive skin;
  • As a preventive measure against atopic dermatitis;
  • If dermatitis, when allergodermatosis (seborrheic and contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema and others.).

Instructions Glutamol: methods of use

Glutamol instructions for use on large areas of the body for treatment of skin wrinkles in the face region.

Glutamol cream is applied with clean hands on clean and dry skin.

Not recommended for use Glutamol cream in combination with other hygiene products in some areas of the skin.

In cases where the skin symptoms take pronounced with the addition of a secondary infection, you should consult with your doctor.

Clinical Pharmacology

Glutamol cream helps get rid of the various manifestations of atopic dermatitis and allergic different. Also cream - effective means for the prevention of atopic dermatitis.

The drug is well nourishes the skin, prevents the formation of cracks, protects it from flaking, has moisturizing and softening properties.  Glutamol Cream for children

Action of active substances of the drug - glutamol - effectively protects the skin from irritation, putting additional antipruritic effects.

The drug Glutamol hypoallergenic, so it can be applied on an ongoing basis. It is absorbed very quickly, leaves no oily sheen on the skin.

Damage to the skin creates a protective breathable barrier reduces redness and soothes the skin, gradually heals and eliminates skin blemishes.


Glutamol of instruction is exclusively for external use.