Kloran - a line of hypoallergenic French cosmetics for hair, skin and body, produced from vegetable extracts since 1965.  Hand Cream Kloran

The range of cosmetics Kloran

French firm Kloran issued following shampoos for 150, 200 or 400 ml:

  • Against dry dandruff with an extract of nasturtium;
  • Against oily dandruff with an extract of myrtle;
  • Soothing extract of peony;
  • Strengthening extract quinine;
  • Seboreguliruyuschie with nettle extract;
  • Dry shampoo with nettle extract and oat milk;
  • Smoothes with the milk of papyrus;
  • For all hair types with pomegranate or mango butter;
  • Super soft with milk oats;
  • To make the amount of milk with almonds;
  • Tonic with citron pulp;
  • For blonde hair with chamomile extract;
  • Tint with Henna extract.

Shampoos Kloran of reviews are good for daily use, and they do not damage the hair structure, are not addictive, make hair silky and amenable to easy combing and styling.

Also in the range of cosmetics Kloran present balms hair conditioners produced in bottles of 150 ml, namely:

  • Balm for all types of hair with butter or mango extract quinine and vitamin B;
  • Smoothes balms with papyrus milk;
  • Reducing balm with pomegranate extract;
  • Softening balm with oat milk;
  • Tint Creme Gloss hair with chamomile extract.

Also in the range of cosmetics Kloran includes:

  • Lip balms;
  • Hand cream;
  • Shower gels;
  • Sprays and mousses for hair;
  • Deodorants, antiperspirants;
  • Nutritious mask for the skin;
  • Tools for hair loss;
  • Lotions for removing makeup.

Shower gels company Kloran Review has a pleasant smell, make the skin soft and smooth to the touch, do not dry the skin and leaves a feeling of freshness throughout the day.

Composition of cosmetics Kloran

All shampoos Kloran are based on natural ingredients, mild detergent bases and aqueous-alcoholic myrtle plant extracts, milk oats, nasturtium, peony, nettle, mango butter, milk papyrus, pomegranate, almond milk, quinine, vitamin B, flesh of citron, chamomile Henna. Also in the shampoo Kloran includes antifungal components and salicylic acid.  Seboreguliruyuschy shampoo Kloran

The composition of balms for hair include plant extracts, vitamins and components providing easy combing and providing anti-static effect.

How to use shampoos Kloran

All shampoos Kloran product before using it a little shake, after which a small amount is applied to wet hair, foamed, for two minutes left on the hair, and then washed off with plenty of running water.

Dry shampoos Kloran sprayed on dry hair at a distance of 30 cm over the entire length, two minutes are kept on the hair, then carefully combed comb.


Contraindications to the use of cosmetics is Kloran hypersensitivity and intolerance to the components of the drug, the deep lesions and wounds of the skin.

With care products company Kloran should be used during pregnancy and lactation.