Corvalol - a drug with sedative (soothing) effect.

Pharmacological action

Corvalol - a combined tool components which cause its action: phenobarbital acid ethyl ester alpha bromizovalerianovoy, peppermint oil.

In general, the drug has a calming and antispasmodic, reflex vasodilatory (dilates blood vessels) effect, improves the natural sleep.

Product form

Corvalol release tablets in the form of drops for internal use.

Indications Corvalol

How soothing and dilates blood vessels by means of prescribed Corvalol indications: sinus tachycardia, false angina, high blood pressure, insomnia, vegetative lability, neurotic state, hypochondriacal syndrome, irritability.

Intestinal and biliary colic - another indication Corvalol, thanks to its antispasmodic action.


According to the instructions Corvalol should not be prescribed in severe renal insufficiency, liver, during lactation, hypersensitivity. During pregnancy, the drug is used with caution.

During therapy should observe extreme caution when driving a vehicle, control mechanisms, engage in activities that require quick response, concentration.

Instructions for use Corvalol

 Corvalol tablets
 Displaying internal use Corvalol before eating at 15-30kap., Two or three p / day. Before taking the drops dissolved in 30-50ml of water.

According to the instructions Corvalol single dose tachycardia, vascular spasms can be increased to 30-40kap.

Children appoint take 3-15kap.

The duration of treatment Corvalol on the testimony in each case is determined individually.

Corvalol tablets take one, two tablets before eating two or three p / day. When tachycardia can be taken up to three tablets at one time.

side effects

Application Corvalol may cause dizziness, decrease in heart rate, ability to concentrate, drowsiness, allergy.

Prolonged therapy may lead to drug addiction, dependence, bromism, syndrome "cancel".

Overdose Corvalol manifested in the oppression of the nervous system, reducing pressure, ataxia, nystagmus, chronic poisoning bromide (rhinitis, hemorrhagic diathesis, depression, disturbances of motor coordination, lethargy, conjunctivitis).

Treat overdose Corvalol using simtomaticheskoy therapy. When the oppression of the nervous system is shown niketamid caffeine.