Cortexin children
 Cortexin - nootropic, ie improves brain activity means.

Pharmacological action

Cortexin enhances higher brain functions, memory, facilitates the learning process, positive effect on the care and resistance to stress.

Use of the drug can protect neurons from damage by neurotoxins, to increase their survival under conditions of hypoxia, oxidative stress, reduce the toxicity of psychotropic substances.

Also, the drug activates repair processes, improves the function of the cerebral cortex, the tone of the nervous system, stimulates the metabolism of neurons in the peripheral and central nervous system.

The active ingredient of the drug - cortexin accessories - glycine.

Product form

The product is produced in powder form for dilution p-ra for injections Cortexin.


Cortexin of instruction prescribed for circulatory disorders of the brain, with traumatic brain injury, neuroinfections viral, bacterial nature, encephalopathies of various origins, asthenic syndrome, suprasegmental autonomic disorders, impaired memory, thinking.

Good reviews of Cortexin, used in the treatment of epilepsy, encephalomyelitis, encephalitis.

Cortexin for children is prescribed for reducing the ability to learn, cerebral palsy, psychomotor delay, speech development. Newborn drug administered in critical conditions when perinatal injuries of the nervous system.

Instructions for use Cortexin

 Cortexin injections
 Practice intramuscular use only Cortexin. To prepare an injection of the drug powder from the 1st bottle diluted in 1-2ml 0, 9% solution of sodium chloride, a special water for injection, or p-ra procaine 0, 5%.

Injections Cortexin adult prick one p / day for 5-10dn.

Cortexin for children weighing more than 20 kg administered in the same way as adults.

Babies weighing up to 20kg (including newborns) inject 5mg one p / day. In pediatric treatment prescribed duration 5-10dn. If necessary, repeat the treatment after 1-6mes.

Side effects

Reviews Cortexin positive allergic reactions occur only because of individual intolerance.

Data on drug overdose and its consequences is not

Contraindications Cortexin

Cortexin of instruction is contraindicated during lactation, pregnancy, with a history of allergy to data cortexin.