Corinfar retard
 Corinfar - for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Pharmacological action

Corinfar - a calcium channel blocker slow, dihydropyridine derivative.

The drug dilates blood vessels, eliminate angina, reduces pressure, the calcium current in cells of the peripheral, coronary arteries and cardiac myocytes, divides the process of reduction in the myocardium and excitement.

In the tone of veins Corinfar not affected, but the coronary blood flow increases, improves blood flow in the ischemic areas of the myocardium, stimulates the functioning of detours blood flow, expands the peripheral arteries, reduces the tone of the myocardium and its oxygen demand, total vascular resistance, afterload, increases diastolic relaxation of the left ventricle.

Also Corinfar unexpressed causes natriuresis increases renal blood flow, has no effect on fibrillation, nodes SA, AV.

Product form

Release tablets Corinfar, Corinfar retard Corinfar Uno.


Corinfar according to the instructions indicated for angina, arterial hypertension, Syndrome, Raynaud's disease, coronary artery spasm, hypertension in the "small" circle of blood flow. Also effective drug for relief of hypertensive attack, for the differential diagnosis of organic and functional stenosis of the coronary arteries.

Instructions for use Corinfar

Corinfar apply for one, two tablets two or three rows. a day, at regular time intervals. Swallow the tablet whole, it can not crush or chew.

According to the instructions Corinfar recommended to take after a meal.

Corinfar Retard taking appoint 1st tablet two p / day. If the therapeutic effect is not expressed, the dose may be increased to two tablets, they also accept two rows / day. Permissible daily dose - 4 tablets / day (80 mg). Pills  Corinfar DNA
 also can not grind, swallow them whole.

Corinfar Uno take one tablet one p / day, in the morning. Permissible single dose - 40 mg daily dose - 80 mg. For patients with hepatic insufficiency dosage should be adjusted.

The duration of treatment is usually prescribed by a doctor.

side effects

Application Corinfar can cause vomiting, stomach discomfort, nausea, impaired stool, transient gingival hyperplasia, a sharp decrease in pressure, flushing, fever, in the head, upper body, blood flow to them, reflex tachycardia, increased stenokardicheskie attacks, swelling of extremities , anemia, thrombocytopenic purpura, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, headache, paresthesia, irritability, dizziness, drowsiness, sleep disturbances, vision, tremor, fatigue, allergic reactions, myalgia.

Prolonged use Corinfar can lead to undesirable effects from the liver, in rare cases, a myocardial, hyperglycemia (diabetes mellitus), gynaecomastia (in older men, held after the cancellation Corinfar).

The sharp end of the treatment can cause arterial hypertension, ischemia. It is recommended to stop taking the gradual reduction of dosage.

Contraindications Corinfar

Corinfar for instructions contraindicated in cardiogenic shock, unstable angina, acute myocardial infarction, hypersensitivity, marked aortic stenosis. Do not prescribe the drug for children up to 18L., Lactating and pregnant women.

The caution exercised when administering Corinfar patients with impaired hepatic, renal, arterial hypotension when, chronic heart failure.

In patients with hypovolemia, renal failure on hemodialysis, use Corinfar can cause a sharp decrease in pressure.

Not recommended during therapy to perform work that requires concentration and / or related to the management of complex mechanisms car.