Contrycal - for the treatment of acute pancreatitis.

Pharmacological action

The active substance kontrikala - aprotinin, which tend to inhibit proteolytic enzymes.

Aprotinin also inhibits kallikrein-kinin system, so it can be used at various shocks.

The preparation and inactivates protease plasmin, which makes possible its use in acute pancreatitis or bleeding disorders.

The drug is metabolized in the kidneys, the urine excreted over two days.

Product form

Producing Contrycal powder for dilution for intravenous administration. You can buy Contrycal with a solvent, in a package of 10 vials.

Analogs Contrycal - Gordoks, Aproteks, Aprotinin, Ingiprol, Vero narkap, Trasilol500 000 ingitrila, Traskolan, AERUS.

Indications Contrycal

According to the instructions Contrycal indicated for the treatment of acute pancreatitis (including pancreatic necrosis), for the prevention of pancreatitis after surgery, fat embolism after fractures and operations.

Good reviews of Contrycal, used in the treatment of toxic, burn, hemorrhagic, traumatic shock.

Also, the use Contrycal effective in bleeding due to coagulopathy (bleeding disorders), provoked hyperfibrinolysis.


According to the instructions Contrycal can not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance, during pregnancy (up to 12ned). Caution should be observed when using kontrikala patients with polyvalent allergy.

After 12ned. pregnancy, the drug can be used only for special reasons.

Do not take Contrycal simultaneously with urokinase, streptokinase, it can inhibit their action. It is also not compatible with the antibiotic agent and a solution containing lipids, amino dextran.

Buy Contrycal only by prescription.

If it became necessary to use analogues Contrycal should be familiar with their instructions, as side effects and contraindications may vary.

Instructions for use Contrycal

 Gordoks - similar kontrikala

Buy Contrycal may be in ampoules 10000, 30000, 50000ED.

For the treatment of acute pancreatitis is administered intravenously as soon as possible, in a dosage of 200 000 - 300 000ED. Thereafter, for 24h. drip intravenous dose of the same agent. Treatment usually lasts until the improvement of the patient and positive changes in the data analysis.

For the prevention of postoperative pancreatitis appointed agent at an initial dose of 200 000ED, after which four p / day administered 100 000ED every 6h.

To eliminate Contrycal shock is administered at a dose of 200 per day 000ED, and after every 4h. - 140 000ED.

In order to prevent the use of fat embolism Contrycal start with a dose of 200 000ED, which is administered intravenously at a low speed. Thereafter, 200 000ED administered daily intravenous drip.

For the treatment of coagulopathy Contrycal instructions prescribed administered at a dose of 300 000ED intravenously at low speed, then every 4h. - Intravenous infusion of 140 000ED.

Positive feedback on Contrycal used for generic stop bleeding. Assign to start 700 000 - 1000 000ED intravenously and then 700 000ED every hour to eliminate the bleeding.

The drug is prescribed to children on the basis of 14 000ED 1 kilogram of body weight of the child. Enter children drug bolus intravenous drip (at low speed, not more than 5 ml / min), in the supine position. Before applying Contrycal diluted sodium chloride 0 to 9%. Enter solution at once, it can not be stored.

side effects

The tool can lead to allergic reactions, increased heart rate, sweating, weakness, shortness of breath, nausea, skin turning blue.

There are reviews of Contrycal, that there is a high risk of side-effects after repeated administration of the drug, but they can occur after the first administration.

In case of side effects should be abolished and drug use Contrycal counterparts.