Comfrey - herb of the family Boraginaceae
 Comfrey (larkspur) - herbaceous plant belonging to the family Boraginaceae.


The plant has erect branching stem, reaching a height of 1-1, 2 meters, covered with stiff hairs. Leaves larkspur large alternate, with a rough surface, the shape of oblong-lanceolate. If a sheet of larkspur to stretch the hands, there will be cucumber scent.

Blossoms small flowers purple or violet. The flowering period - from the beginning of May to July.

Larkspur occurs in the European part of Russia (except the Far North), the Caucasus, Central Asia, in the Carpathian Mountains and Western Siberia. The plant prefers moist soil peat, forest edges and meadows, the shore waters.

Areas of use comfrey

Comfrey has found application in medicine. The ancient healers - Avicenna and Paracelsus successfully treated with this plant more than 100 diseases.

Also larkspur used for cosmetic purposes. He is able to restore the epithelium and improve skin color. For toning baths used aromatic oils with extracts of larkspur.

Comfrey - rubber plant. Known such a fact - during the Great Patriotic War, the Germans tried to grow in the occupied territory of Ukraine. So they expected to solve the problem of a shortage of rubber.

chemical composition

The underground part of comfrey contains alkaloids and liziokarpin tsinoglossin. In addition, the roots are present tannin, essential oils, glycosides, gums, mucilage, starch, gums and other organic substances.

Medicinal properties of comfrey

In order to use medicinal plant roots. Harvest them in late autumn. Infusions and decoctions based larkspur roots have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent, regenerating, enveloping and hemostatic effect.

A decoction of the roots of comfrey is used to increase appetite and tone. Preparations based on plants used in disorders of the digestive system, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and ulcers.

Take medication on the basis of larkspur in cancer and to reduce the symptoms of inflammation.

Comfrey - used in traditional medicine

In folk medicine, the use of comfrey is very common. On the basis of root larkspur made alcohol tinctures, powders, ointments, tinctures and decoctions.

Inside it is taken duodenal ulcer and stomach. In tuberculosis, dysentery, bronchitis with expectoration difficult leaving the plant is also considered effective.  Knitback

In the form of compresses svezhezagotovlennyh slurry of comfrey root is used in thrombophlebitis, contusions and fractures.

Topical preparations based on plants used to treat arthritis and radiculitis, inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, purulent wounds and trophic ulcers. Larkspur use in the treatment of lung cancer, prostate and breast cancer. Using the plant inhibits the appearance of metastases in bone.

Contraindications to the use of comfrey

Despite the fact that Comfrey is a great healer, has been successfully used in the treatment of many diseases, it is worth remembering that the plant - poisonous. It is for this reason that a number of Western countries allowed to use the plant in official medicine. Medical scientists at Plant Research concluded that prolonged supplementation of larkspur has mutagenic and carcinogenic effects.

Therefore, receiving plant should be under strict medical supervision.

Contraindication to receiving larkspur is low blood pressure during pregnancy and idiosyncrasy.