Package with a drug Colm.
 Colm - for the treatment of alcoholism.

Pharmacological action Colm

Effect of the drug Colm based on increasing sensitivity to alcohol up to the intolerance of any beverages containing alcohol.

The active ingredient of the drug cyanamide inhibits the oxidation of alcohol, which leads to accumulation of acetaldehyde, the development of the patient's symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, buzzing in the ears, vomiting, facial flushing, nausea, palpitations, cramps, anxiety, chills. Thus, due to this action Colm patient with each subsequent alcohol intake produces negative reflex, and wherein the taste and smell of alcohol.

Effect of the drug develops within 45-60min, maintained for 12 hours.

Coleman does not lower the pressure, the toxic nature of psychosis causes.

Product form



Colm according to the instructions given to patients, systematically drink, suffering from chronic alcoholism 1, 2, 3 stages, is used for the removal of hard drinking and engaging in human anti-alcohol therapy, to prolong remission, relapse prevention, which may arise during the psychotherapy conducted for alcoholism .

Judging by the reviews, Colm effective in cases where there is no possibility to monitor the patient - the mechanism of action of the drug eliminates hidden alcohol.

Use the drug can be as a treatment for men and women.

Colm Guide: how to use

Take a drop of alcohol Colm inside, mixing with any soft drink. Starting treatment is possible only through 12 hours after the last dose of alcohol. Acceptable daily dosage Colm - 36-75mg, which equals 12-25 drops. The provisions of the daily dose is divided into two stages, drink a drop from 12-hour break.

Take Colm alcoholism no more than three months.

 Colm drug ampoules.

After 5-6 days of treatment the patient take the first cyanamide-alcohol test: 4 hours after the morning dose Colm patient is given a drink of alcohol 20-40ml. The next time a sample is performed after 1-2 days under the supervision of a doctor in the hospital and, after 3-5 days, at home.

Colm hot drinks to wash down or take it while eating hot food should not be - the active ingredient of the drug is destroyed.

There are reviews of Colm confirming that the response to alcohol can develop due to the use of drugs or foods (eg, sweets) that contain alcohol.

If you are planning a long treatment with Colm, once every 6 months, check the state of the thyroid gland.

side effects

Reviews of Colm most positive: patients who abstain from alcohol if you feel well. In some cases, there may be a rash, drowsiness, tinnitus, fatigue, leukocytosis.

The instructions Coleman pointed out that if a patient during therapy, drink alcohol, it will turn red skin will feel a pulsation in the neck, head, there tachycardia, nausea, chest pain, weakness, blurred vision, profuse sweating.

In severe cases, pressure drops, have difficulty breathing, vomiting, develops collapse. As treatment reduced cardiovascular activity, breathing, administered antihistamines.

Due to the use Colm a dosage exceeding the therapeutic one, side effects are amplified. To eliminate the symptoms of the stomach is washed, support liver function, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, symptomatic treatment, control the level of hematocrit in some cases, prescribe a blood transfusion.


Application Colm contraindicated in hepatic precoma, decompensated cardiovascular disease, hypersensitivity, pregnant women, nursing mothers, patients up to 18L.

Precautions taken Colm alcoholism patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, with kidney disease.

Action Colm increase isoniazid, metronidazole, phenytoin and other drugs with a similar action, so you can not assign them all at once. And the combination of the drug is contraindicated with disulfiram, chloral derivatives, paraaldegidom.