Colloid silver

 Drops collargol

Collargol - a drug based on silver with antiseptic effect.

Pharmacological action

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent (reduces mucus production) Collargol properties due to the action included in the drug component.

Collargol in pure form contains up to 70% silver and about 30% of albumin which is intended for connection between a molecular silver and to maintain them in an active state.

Indications Collargol

Use Collargol manual recommends that you:

  • festering wounds;
  • conjunctivitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye) and Infections (purulent conjunctivitis);
  • protracted rhinitis, enlarged adenoids;
  • erysipelas (infection due to streptococcus), lymphangitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes);
  • chancroid (sexually transmitted disease, which is characterized by sores on the genitals);
  • urethritis (inflammation of the urethra), chronic cystitis (bladder inflammation).


Increased sensitivity to silver or albumin - a reason for the rejection of the use of the drug.

Collargol children allowed at birth, but its purpose should be discussed with your doctor.

The instructions to the drug are no data regarding the use of Collargol pregnant and nursing women, so the decision on whether to use of this drug should be taken by the doctor.

Instructions for use Collargol

 Collargol - nose drops
 In order to use the medicinal preparation in pure form is not suitable, therefore, it is diluted with water pharmacies.

For washing, a solution of purulent wounds Collargolum 0, 2-1%, and the bladder was washed with 1-2% solution.

For the treatment of eye diseases apply a drop of 5.2% colloid silver. In protracted fever, purulent rhinitis and adenoids in children prescribed Collargol drops in the nose. Erysipelas and lymphangitis, a solution Collargol 2-3%. Rub 15% ointment is recommended for chancroid.

Side effects

For information about the side effects of the drug Collargol manual does not provide. However, there is evidence of the ability of silver to linger in the body for a long time, and one gram of the metal is able to provoke the development of argyrosis (change eye color, skin tone gray).

Additional Information

Store Collargolum be tightly closed glass bottles of orange color in a dark place, in this case, the drug will be fit for use for 5 years.