Coenzyme Q10

 Coenzyme Q10 - a drug has an antioxidant effect
 Coenzyme Q10 - a drug with antioxidant action.

Pharmacological action

Coenzyme Q10 - vitamin-like substance that stimulates cell metabolism and restore them, has an antioxidant effect - protects cells from the negative effects of free radicals.

The main benefit of coenzyme - supply cells with energy and is especially important for the substance of the heart muscle. There are reviews of coenzyme Q10 on patients who were at heart transplantation: after passing the course of treatment condition improved, and the operation can be postponed.

It was found that a person who lacks coenzyme feels lethargy, apathy, remains depressed. Effect of the drug develops gradually, but after the passage of a prophylactic course, patients note that returns vitality, improves mood.

Product form


Indications for use of coenzyme Q10

 Coenzyme Q10 capsules
 The drug is shown to take to replenish cellular energy myocardial, heart disease, heart failure, ischemia, hypertension, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue, muscular dystrophy, respiratory diseases, asthma, chronic infections.

The instructions Coenzyme Q10 also pointed out that it can be used for the prevention of premature aging, treatment of stomatitis, periodontal disease, periodontal disease, periodontitis, bleeding gums.

The drug is recommended to take those patients who take statins (drugs that lower cholesterol) because they interfere with the natural development of coenzyme in the body.

Elderly should take coenzyme for prevention, as eventually this substance in the body begins to produce the insufficient amount or stop producing altogether.

Instructions Coenzyme Q10: how to use

Capsules are taken with a meal at the 1st thing twice a day for a month. The recommended dosage of coenzyme to fill its deficit - 10-90 mg per day. It is best to take the drug, which is produced in oil-soluble form.

On the recommendation of a doctor and medical condition, you can go through the course again.

Side effects of coenzyme Q10

Serious side effects of the drug were found.

There are reviews of coenzyme Q10, which in patients intolerant of antioxidant caused allergic reactions.


The drug is not recommended for children under 14 years old, to take in case of hypersensitivity, pregnancy, breastfeeding.