Citral - is  Packing Citral
 an oily yellowish liquid, is not soluble in water and has a characteristic smell of lemon.

Chemical constitution

Citral - is unsaturated aliphatic aldehyde, reminiscent in its chemical structure, the structure of the side chain molecules of vitamin A.

Pharmacological Effects of citral

Citral has analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. The drug is sufficiently active against most pathological microorganisms. In addition, well-stimulates epithelialization (healing lesions) of the cornea and conjunctiva. In the opinion of Citral applied on the skin, almost not absorbed (drawn on).


Citral is mainly used topically for the treatment of:

• conjunctivitis;

• keratitis;

• Dry Sjogren's syndrome (gipolakrimiya);

• cracked nipples in nursing mothers.

Citral is a part of many drugs as one of the adjuvants, giving them a pleasant lemon scent. The most famous medicine with citral, is widely used in pediatric practice.

Citral: instructions for use

Eye diseases Citral used as a water-alcohol solution (1: 10000) which was instilled in each eye two drops three times a day.

In the opinion of Citral is very effective in the treatment of cracked nipples. In this case the drug in solution small moistened gauze and applied to the teats after each feeding and at bedtime. Immediately prior to feeding napkin clean, and the nipple and areola area thoroughly washed under running water to remove residues of citral.


According to the instructions Citral  Formula citral
   contraindicated in the case of a patient individual sensitivity to this medicinal product.

Side effects of citral

Currently, there is no information about the side effects of the drug.

Interaction of citral with other drugs

The combined use of citral and riboflavin (vitamin B2), contributes to a significant acceleration of epithelialization of the cornea and conjunctiva.


The instructions to the citral notes that to date there is no information about a possible drug overdose data.

Form release citral

Citral is available as a 1% alcohol solution in dark glass bottles of 10, 0 ml.