Cinnamon Tree
 Cinnamon tree belongs to the family of laurel, cinnamon and spice - is crushed into a powder, or a rolled bark of the tree. There are Malabar, Ceylon, Chinese cinnamon and cinnamon, grows in the Moluccas. The most prized Ceylon cinnamon.

Endowed beneficial properties of cinnamon because its constituent essential oils, as well as magnesium, iron, calcium and other substances. The spice has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, warming, analgesic, diuretic, antitumor activity, stimulates the gall bladder, kidneys, liver, digestive system, greatly increases the performance, stimulates the nervous system and helps to cure depression, improving mood.

The use of cinnamon

The healing properties of cinnamon recognized not only unconventional, but the official medicine: based on essential oils prepared cold medicines and diseases gastrointestinal tract, producing warming ointment. Cinnamon essential oil can be used as a single drug. It tones, relieves cramps, pain relievers, has cardiotonic, antiseptic action. Cinnamon treat dyspepsia, flatulence, colitis, atony, colds, flu, relieve rheumatic pain, restoring menstrual cycle. It is used in cosmetics - a conclusion with the skin fungus, warts, acne, papilloma.

It was found that regular consumption of spices enhances the assimilation of sugar, lowers the level of glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, so it is effective in diabetes. Exemplary dosage - 0, 5 tsp seasoning per day.

Cinnamon is also used to stimulate brain activity, improve concentration, improve visual memory - if there are problems it is recommended to use a spice in small amounts on a regular basis. Another indication for use spices are tumors of the colon.

Special mention deserves a useful property of cinnamon as the ability to lower blood pressure. Hypertensive patients is recommended every day to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon per day. It is recommended to divide the daily rate on four receptions. If cinnamon pure poorly tolerated, can be added to reduce the pressure it into a variety of dishes: in yogurt, meat, cereal, yogurt, etc. Eat spice thus should be as long as the pressure stabilizes. Simultaneously, it is possible to take other medications to reduce the pressure.

 Cinnamon Spice - is the inner layer of bark
 Cinnamon recommend the elderly and immunocompromised people, because it has a tonic and warming effect.

Such properties of cinnamon as stimulating metabolism, cleansing the body of toxins, improving digestion and strengthening intestinal peristalsis used for weight loss .  Good help cinnamon cocktail: a glass of buttermilk is added to 0, 5 tablespoons of cinnamon and ginger, a little crushed red pepper - pinch .  Eat drink is recommended every evening instead of dinner .  If it seems too spicy, red pepper, and can be removed to increase the amount of cinnamon - 1 tsp .  Contraindications to the use slimming cocktail with cinnamon are inflammation, ulcers, erosions of the gastrointestinal tract .  Those who took the tool, in addition to reducing the weight and improving the functioning of the intestines marked decrease in appetite in the evening and the disappearance of feeling of heaviness in the stomach .  We also know that speed up the metabolism by stimulating the process of losing weight can be a daily diet allowed any seasoning food cinnamon .

Contraindications to the use of cinnamon

Spice can not eat and externally for individual intolerance, as well as pregnant women, as it can cause uterine contractions. Contraindications to cinnamon is the presence of any bleeding, low blood pressure and high temperature.