CIDEX - disinfectant.

Pharmacological action

CIDEX for disinfection, sterilization products used for medical purposes. Means destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses, including agents of HIV and hepatitis.

 CIDEX - solution and the powder activator

CIDEX can be called highly disinfectant, because it is peculiar to assist and sporicidal effect, indicating that the impact of resources and vegetative bacteria and their spores. Thus, according to the rating of CIDEX as other sporicidal means, its qualitative Unlike conventional disinfectants is that at the same conditions that the standard sterilization time for soaking medical instruments in solution requires less.

Product form

CIDEX release in solution of glutaraldehyde 2, 2-2, and 7% of the powder and the activator, which are mixed prior to disinfection.

Activated CIDEX working solution after mixing - a liquid with a specific smell of green fluorescent color.

Indications CIDEX

CIDEX according to the instructions is used for disinfection, sterilization of medical supplies and the prevention of infection of patients and medical staff by bacterial, viral or fungal infections.

Treat with a solution CIDEX medical articles can be any of the polymers (rubber, plastic), glass and metal, including rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments attached to them.

Instructions CIDEX: how to use

Use CIDEX solution can only be in an activated form.

Before starting the disinfection of articles to be processed, wiped with cloths and cloth washed in water - so removes surface contamination visible. Objects consisting of different parts, dismantled.

Articles to be sterilized are pre-sterilized cleansing according to the established rules.

Activated CIDEX solution after mixing can be used only for two weeks, but if during that time the color change agent, will pellet or flake, it must be replaced.

To the solution concentration has not changed, it must be lowered only dry product.

 CIDEX Solution

If a bacterial infection in the product according to instructions CIDEX stand 15 minutes, candidiasis - a half hour, with dermatophytes and tuberculosis - 1, 5:00.

When sterilizing metal products in CIDEX incubated for 4 hours, when the product consists of metal and plastic parts - 10 hours. Sterilization temperature - 21 ° C.

After soaking in a solution of the product initially put in the vessel with drinking water, and then washed in running water: objects made of plastic and rubber - for 10 minutes; of glass or metal - for 3 minutes. Dry with a clean cloth fabric products.


All works are carried out with disinfectant rubber gloves also need to avoid contact with the skin, eyes. There are reviews of CIDEX confirming that the solution can corrode the mucous membranes and skin.

A man who was found heightened sensitivity to the solution, allow to conduct disinfection work impossible.