Chondroitin Akos

Akos Chondroitin - medicinal  Capsules Chondroitin Akos
 agent with anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the regeneration of cartilage tissue in spinal osteochondrosis.

Pharmacological action

The active ingredient Akos Chondroitin - Chondroitin sulfate is a high mucopolysaccharide of animal origin derived from bovine (tracheal cartilage). The main action of chondroitin sulfate are:

• Reduction of degenerative changes in the cartilage of the joints;

• Impact on the metabolic processes in the fibrous and hyaline cartilage;

• Suppressing the activity of enzymes that cause cartilage damage;

• Stimulation of biosynthesis of glycosaminoglycans in articular chondrocytes and the regeneration of bags and cartilage surfaces of the joints;

• Improve phosphorus-calcium metabolism;

• Increased production of synovial fluid;

• Reduced bone loss and calcium in the cartilage;

• normalization of metabolism in the hyaline tissue.

Thus, chondroitin Akos accelerates cartilage regeneration in joints, reducing the pain and increasing mobility of the affected joints.

Furthermore, dimethyl sulfoxide, one of the components of the ointment Chondroitin Akos, exerts analgesic, antiinflammatory and fibrinolytic effect, which allows the active substance to better penetrate deep into the tissue through the cell membrane.

Form release Chondroitin Akos

Chondroitin Akos drug produced in the form:

• External ointment light yellow color, with a content of 1 g of chondroitin sulfate in an amount of 50 mg. Auxiliary components - white petrolatum, dimethyl sulfoxide, anhydrous lanolin, and purified water. In the box of 30 g;

• hard gelatin capsules blue with blue cap containing 250 mg of sodium chondroitin sulfate as a white powder. Ancillary components - calcium stearate and lactose. 10 pieces per pack.

Chondroitin Akos analogs are the following drugs:

• For the active ingredient - Struktum, Mukosat, Artradol, arthritis;

• By way of action - Aktasulid, Nimesil, Don Ameolin, Nise, diacerein Mak, Aulin, Glucosamine, Prolid, Biartrin, Vipraksin, NIMULID, rumalon, Nemuleks, Niemiec, Sustilak and others.

Indications Chondroitin Akos

According to the instructions Chondroitin Agos is prescribed for treatment and prevention of degenerative diseases of joints and spine, such as:

• Osteochondrosis;

• Osteoarthritis.


The medicine is not administered in case of hypersensitivity to the active or auxiliary components included in its composition.

Ointment Chondroitin Agos is contraindicated in the following cases:

• With widespread tissue necrosis;

• In acute inflammatory process occurring in places intended application of ointment;

• Excessive granulation and violation of the integrity of the skin at the site of an ointment.

Ability to apply the ointment in pediatrics, pregnancy and lactation is solved individually after consultation with the doctor.

Capsules Chondroitin Akos not used in pediatrics to fifteen years. Also, the drug should be used with caution in the propensity to bleeding and thrombophlebitis. The possibility of using the drug during pregnancy and lactation has not been studied reliably.

Dosing Chondroitin Akos

Capsules Chondroitin Akos  Ointment Chondroitin Akos
   recommended to be taken with food or immediately after it, drinking plenty of water.

Children of fifteen years and adults Chondroitin Akos according to the instructions take two capsules twice a day. The therapy is usually long-term - up to six months. In the opinion of the drug continues to operate for three to five months after the end of the application. Possibility of re-taking the drug and its duration is determined by the doctor.

With an overdose of a drug can develop eating disorders, manifested as diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Long-term use funds in excessively high doses (more than six capsules a day) can cause hemorrhagic rash.

Ointment Chondroitin Akos used up to three times a day rate from three weeks to two months.

The simultaneous use of two dosage forms of the drug.

Drug Interactions

The incidence of adverse drug interactions when used together ointment Chondroitin Akos with other drugs that are used in traditional treatment regimens degenerative diseases of the spine and joints are not fixed.

At the same time taking capsules with other drugs may increase the effect of indirect antiplatelet agents, anticoagulants and fibrinolytic agents.

Side effects of Chondroitin Akos

In the opinion of Chondroitin Agos as an ointment can cause minor allergic reactions with the existing predisposition.

Capsules Chondroitin Akos Review in rare cases cause digestive disorders that are manifested as vomiting or nausea. The most likely allergic reactions appearing when taking oral medication, are skin erythema, urticaria, and pruritus.

The drug should be discontinued in the development of allergic reactions occurring against the backdrop of its application.

Storage conditions

Ointment Chondroitin Akos refers to a number of OTC drugs with a shelf life of up to three years. Dispensing capsules available on prescription.