Cholagogue collection

 Cholagogue collecting everlasting

Cholagogue collection - collection of plants that help in diseases of the bile ducts, gallbladder.

Pharmacological action choleretic collection

Cholagogue collecting herbs promotes the excretion of bile, anti-inflammatory effect, relieves spasms, restores intestinal motility and improves appetite. There are three different compositions collection, which includes similar effect on plants.

The composition of the collection number 1 includes mint leaves and bean trefoil, coriander fruits, flowers Helichrysum.

Mint is known for its sedative effect, but effective herbs and gallstones - it helps to remove the stones. We also know that the bitterness of mint stimulates the gallbladder and liver.

Bean trefoil shamrock is also called water, it stimulates digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Coriander seeds have choleretic, analgesic effect.

Everlasting traditionally used in liver pathologies, gall bladder. Flowers plants reduce inflammation and spasms, pain relievers, increase the tone of the gall bladder, liver, affects the viscosity of bile and its chemical composition, reduce cholesterol, bilirubin.

The structure choleretic collection number 2 includes yarrow, mint, coriander fruits, flowers Helichrysum (on the package with the collection it is often pointed to as a sandy cumin).

Yarrow folk medicine traditionally recommended for diseases of the gallbladder. The herb helps to reduce inflammation, relieves spasms and improves the bile excretion.

Gathering for removing bile №3 includes tansy flowers, calendula and chamomile, mint leaves, grass, yarrow.

Tansy included in the collection, as has choleretic, antimicrobial effect, reduces inflammation. Chamomile also promotes the excretion of bile, relieves cramps, has a sedative effect.

Form release choleretic collection

Bile charges №№1, 2, 3 is produced in the form of pulverized plant raw materials in cartons and in filter bags for single use.


The fees prescribed to take for chronic reactive hepatitis; chronic cholecystitis - an acute inflammation of the gall bladder; with poor appetite and digestive disorders; biliary dyskinesia; cholangitis - an inflammation of the bile ducts infectious nature; nausea; postcholecystectomy syndrome - a condition in which a disrupted sphincter of Oddi and as a result, deteriorates the permeability of bile and pancreatic juice.

Dosing choleretic collection

Collection №1 brewed follows: 1 tablespoon of milled crude drug pour hot water (200 ml), heated 15 minutes, draw at least 45 minutes. Before use, it is desirable to drain the broth and then bring boiled water to 200 ml. Take a collection of 300 ml per day in 3 divided doses for half an hour before a meal. Therapy, judging by the reviews of the cholagogue collecting №1, for effect it is recommended to continue for 2-4 weeks.

Before use, shake the broth is desirable, more than two days is not recommended to store it.

Collection №2 brewed as well as the collection №1. For adults it is recommended to drink in 3 divided doses for half an hour before a meal - only 1, 5 cups a day. Babies recommend giving no more than 150 ml per day, in three doses.

In two-filter package cholagogic collecting accounts 200 ml of boiling water: they pour, and insist 15 minutes. Take the broth as well as one that is prepared from medicinal plants.

To prepare the herbal decoction of the collection №3 one or two disposable package pour 200 ml of boiling water, insist 15 minutes. Accepted recommended by 1, 5-3 cups. Store ready-made teas from fees №№2, 3 for more than two days is not recommended.

In most cases, fees herbs №№2, 3 for excretion of bile also recommended to take 2-4 weeks, but the medical consultation is required.

 Cholagogue collection №2

Side effects choleretic collection

There are reviews of the choleretic fees, pointing to the fact that they can cause heartburn and allergies.

When side effects are advised to contact a doctor and, if possible, replace one collection to another.


Not recommended Bile fees for allergies to plants that are included in their composition and cholelithiasis - a disease in which the bile ducts and bladder stones are hindering depart bile into the intestine.

Pregnant women, lactating women to remove bile fees prescribed in exceptional cases.