Chokeberry Aronia
 Useful properties of chokeberry

Chokeberry Aronia - shrub of the family rozovotsvetnyh.

Interest Health chokeberry fruits are astringent, sweet and sour taste, which contain phenolic acids and flavonoids, fiber, pectin, vitamins B, C, D, E, molybdenum, copper, manganese, iodine, boron, potassium.

Collect fruit in September-October. Keep fresh they can be at a temperature of + 5 ° C for 2 months. In addition, the fruits of mountain ash chokeberry can be dried at 60 ° C.

It is noticed that chokeberry Aronia has a strong hypotensive action, relieves spasms. Thanks contained iodine and phenol carbonic acids chokeberry helps with thyroid pathology - berry often include in the complex therapy of hyperthyroidism.

Juice of fruits chokeberry is effective in vascular diseases accompanied by increased fragility and permeability of blood vessels: scarlet fever, eczema, vasculitis, dermatitis, various bleeding, neurodermatitis, measles. It is also noted that the juice of chokeberry lowers emotional instability, regulates the processes of excitation and inhibition in the brain.

The good effect is observed with a combination of chokeberry Aronia with black currant or rosehip. All these fruits contain a lot of ascorbic acid, and therefore are recommended for atherosclerosis, help to absorb vitamin P.

Such properties are known and chokeberry juice as an increase in the acidity of the stomach (the fruits are often used in complex treatment of gastritis with low acidity) and excretion of bile.

Due to the content of anthocyanins in chokeberry glycosides its fruits can be included in the diet of cancer patients.

Application and recipes with Aron

Fresh chokeberry Aronia take three times a day for 50-100g - it serves as a good preventive cardiovascular diseases. For therapeutic purposes should be every day to eat 50-100g fruits three times a day before meals for 10-30dn. Only after a month break, the treatment can be repeated.

Diabetics are encouraged to take an infusion of berries on the water. Prepare Aron prescription: one tablespoon of dried fruits pour 200ml boiling water, stand for half an hour, filter. Drink remedy three times a day, 2-3 tablespoons tablespoons. Keep it should be in the cold.

Pure chokeberry juice from rowan prepared as follows: berries pour 100ml water at the rate of water per kg of fruits, heated to 60 degrees and held at this temperature until they soften. Once the berries are cooked, they are passed through a meat grinder or just mash with a fork, pestle squeeze. For therapeutic purposes, the juice taken by 10-30dn 30-50ml 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. Juice stored at not more than 5 degrees. You can prepare the juice of chokeberry in winter. To do this, after squeezing the juice is boiled for another 3-4min after already roll.

You can cook the juice with pulp from chokeberry prescription: one kilogram of berries to wash and chop, warm 15min without water at a temperature of 75-80 degrees, rub through a sieve. Pureed berries pour sugar syrup (1 liter of water  Juice of fruits chokeberry is effective in vascular diseases
 have sugar 350g) was adjusted to a temperature of 75-80 degrees. For preparations for the winter juice is poured into warmed jars and pasteurized: three-liter - 50 min, liter - 22 minutes, and half-liter - 15 min.

Fruit chokeberry can exist in the form of mashed with sugar: berries blanch five minutes rubbed through a sieve, mixed with sugar, triturated to form a uniform mass.

You can also have Aron, pounded with sugar and mixed with apples, cranberries and plums.


Due to the fact that the mountain ash chokeberry contain a large amount of ascorbic acid, use a berry with caution for those who suffer angina, hypertension: for these patients, such as an increase in property chokeberry bleeding threatens the emergence of blood clots.

Aronia is contraindicated in gastritis with high acidity, ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, the propensity to thrombophlebitis, increased blood clotting.