Chitosan - a dietary food supplement tonic effect, helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood  Tablets Chitosan
 and improve digestion.

Pharmacological action

Chitosan - aminosaharid derived from crustacean shells, has a cholesterol-lowering and detoxification effect. As aminosaharid, chitosan lowers the level of uric acid, cholesterol, and glucose (diabetes mellitus) in the blood and improves calcium absorption from food, and also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

One key feature is the ability of chitosan to bind and remove various metal ions. This applies to radioactive isotopes, and to toxic elements. Forming hydrogen bonds in large quantities, this aminosaharid binds and organic water-soluble substances, including toxins, produced in the digestion process and bacterial toxins.

Chitosan instructions for most effective as an adsorbent, dissolved in citric, acetic, succinic and oxalic acids.

Chitin is located in the shells of shrimp, lobster, sea crabs, lobsters, krill, crawfish and exoskeletons of zooplankton and jellyfish, it is a major source of chitosan.

With the ability to bind to fat molecules in the digestive tract, the chitosan used in the manufacture of various means to reduce weight and to improve the functioning of the intestines and cholesterol metabolism.

Application of Chitosan Evalar (thanks to its member active ingredients - chitosan, vitamin C, microcrystalline cellulose and citric acid) contributes to:

• Strengthening the intestinal peristalsis;

• preventing fat absorption and accumulation in cells and tissues;

• normalization of intestinal microflora;

• accelerate the elimination of toxins, dietary fat and toxins;

• feeling of satiety.

Form release Chitosan Evalar

Chitosan Evalar produced in the form of tablets for 0, 5 g, 100 pieces in a package. The composition of each tablet contains:

• 0, 125 g of a chitosan;

• 0, 354 g of microcrystalline cellulose;

• 0, 01 g of vitamin C;

• Calcium stearate;

• Silicon oxide;

• food flavorings;

• lemon acid.

Moreover, as the active ingredient included in the composition chitosan dietary supplements:

• Chitosan Alga plus, in the form of capsules to 0, 5 g, composed as kelp and fucus;

• Chitosan diets in capsules of 300 mg, which include microcrystalline cellulose.

The closest analogue Chitosan Evalar mechanism of action are the following medicines and dietary supplements: Ateroklefit, Antiholesterin, Krusmarin, Bonaktiv, Karinat, Gartsilin, Poseydonol, Cholestin, SitoPren, Ateroklefit Bio and others.

Indications Chitosan Evalar

According to the instructions Chitosan Evalar recommended to take for the integrated treatment and prevention of disorders of cholesterol metabolism such as atherosclerosis and hypercholesterolemia, as well as:

• cholelithiasis;

• biliary dyskinesia, or colon;

• dysbacteriosis;

• Aton intestines;

• Osteoporosis;

• gout;

• hypertension;

• insulin dependent diabetes mellitus;

• cancer;

• Coronary Heart Disease.

In addition, chitosan is effective for reviews:

• To cleanse the body of toxins and impurities caused by allergies, intoxication or other causes;

• To reduce overweight.


According to the instructions  Packing Chitosan
 Chitosan Evalar should not be taken:

• During pregnancy and lactation;

• If you are hypersensitive to primary or secondary component of chitosan.

Dosing Chitosan Evalar

Tablets Chitosan Evalar recommended for adults and children from the age of twelve.

Chitosan taken twice a day for 3-4 tablets. The duration of the drug in combined therapy, usually does not exceed one month. The course can be repeated up to three times a year in compliance with the diet corresponding to the underlying disease.

For weight loss usually takes three to four tablets per day for three months.

In the future, to control body weight before each intake of fatty foods should be taken one tablet (in compliance with the low-carb diet).

Chitosan prophylactically effective reviews of chronic administration of two tablets twice a day.

Drug Interactions

According to the instructions Chitosan Evalar incompatible with the oil forms of drugs and vitamins ingested as they reduce its effectiveness.

Side effects Chitosan Evalar

In the opinion of Chitosan Evalar side effects usually does not cause.

storage conditions

Like other dietary supplements, Chitosan Evalar released from pharmacies without a prescription. Shelf life of the product - not more than three years.