Chi-Klim - medication  Packing Chi-Klim
 group of progestogens, estrogens, their homologues and antagonists.

Pharmacological action

Chi-Klim refers to para-pharmaceutical means, as an alternative to hormonal drugs during menopause in women. The medicine is made up entirely of the components of natural origin, its main active ingredient is dry extract black cohosh, which belongs to the group of phytoestrogens. The plant is able to exert estrogen-like effect on a woman's body, while avoiding the occurrence of side effects and weight gain. Chi-Klim also has sedative properties and has a beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system. In addition, among other effects from taking the drug by medical opinions about the Qi-Klima noted its ability to speed up the renewal of skin cells, increase the content of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Admission Chi Climate helps to reduce the frequency and severity of hot flushes and sweating attacks, calms palpitations and increased blood pressure, eliminates headaches and dizziness. While taking the drug showed normalization of sleep, increase efficiency and reduce the likelihood of osteoporosis.

According to the instructions to the Chi-Klim has the cumulative effect of the drug, making a positive impact on its reception observed after 2-4 weeks after the start of the reception.

Product form

Chi-Klim drug is available in two dosage forms.

Tablets weighing 200 mg each. Each package contains 60 pieces. tablets.

Cream Chi-Klim 50 ml placed in packaging.

Indications Chi-Klim

With its restorative effect on a woman's body during menopause drug Chi-Klim is recommended for use as a dietary food supplements. In addition, instructions for Chi-Klim says the high efficacy of the drug when it is used as a reducing agent after surgery on reproductive organs.

Contraindications to the Chi-Klim

Among the known contraindications to Chi-Klim known hypersensitivity or idiosyncrasy with respect to any of the components of its composition, as well as during pregnancy and lactation. In addition, the drug should not be taken in the presence of estrogen-tumors. Uterine fibroids and endometriosis is a disease in which the Chi-Klim allowed to use, but its use must be accompanied by medical supervision.

Instructions for use Chi-Klim

According to the instructions to the Chi-Klim drug must be taken together with meals 1 tablet twice a day. The course of treatment at the same time is not less than three months since Chi-Klim refers to the cumulative action of drugs. Long-term use of the drug increases its action. After receiving a six-month-Qi Climate it is recommended to make a break in treatment or contact your doctor to obtain further instructions.

The cream must be  Cream Chi-Klim
 apply light massage on the skin of the neck, face and other parts of the body. The frequency of application - twice a day, morning and evening. Two weeks after the start of the application there is an increase firmness, elasticity and improve the complexion.

Side effects Chi-Klim

Among the adverse reactions during treatment medical opinions about the Qi-Klima noted the possibility of allergies.

Storage conditions

Chi-Klim should be stored at room temperature. In this case the shelf-life of the drug is 2 years. The drug is released from pharmacies without a prescription.