Cerepro relates to neuroprotective drugs holinomimetikami central action.  Cerepro as tablets
 Active component - choline alfostserat. As part of Cerepro contains 40, 5% of choline in metabolically protected form (metabolic protection ensures the allocation of choline in the brain). In the body under the action of the enzyme systems the drug is split into glycerol phosphate and choline. Choline is involved in the biosynthesis of acetylcholine (an essential mediator of nervous excitement). Glycerophosphate - the predecessor of the neuronal membrane phospholipids (phosphatidylcholine).

Cerepro provide an adequate synthesis of phosphatidylcholine and acetylcholine in neuronal membranes, improving blood flow and increased metabolic processes occurring in the CNS. Also, the drug activates the reticular formation, provides improved linear velocity of blood flow in the area of ​​traumatic brain injury, normalizes the spatial and temporal characteristics of spontaneous bioelectric activity of the brain, a positive effect on behavioral and cognitive reactions in patients with vascular disease of the brain.

When using Cerepro improve brain function by acting on the pathogenetic links psychoorganic involutional syndrome varies phospholipid composition of neural membranes, decreased cholinergic activity. The drug dose-dependently enhances the release of acetylcholine, taking part in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, improves the plasticity of neural membranes, synaptic transmission, the function of the receptors.

Due to the high activity of this drug neurophysiological reviews of Cerepro by neurologists positive. Experience with Cerepro demonstrates its effectiveness in organic pathology of the CNS.

Absorption of the drug after oral administration is 88%. Cerepro penetrates the blood-brain barrier, the drug concentration in the brain is approximately 45% of the plasma concentration. Preparation output light (85%) and in the urine and feces (15%).

Indications Cerepro

According to the instructions for Cerepro, this drug is used for:

  • acute and rehabilitation period of severe traumatic brain injury, ischemic stroke;
  • recovery period of hemorrhagic stroke;
  • psychoorganic syndrome on the background of involutional and degenerative changes in the brain;
  • chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency;
  • cognitive disorders (memory impairment, mental function, confusion, disorientation, reduced initiative, motivation, concentration);
  • psevdomelanholii senile.

Contraindications Cerepro

According to the instructions for Cerepro, contraindications to its use are:

  • hypersensitivity to the components;
  • pregnancy, lactation.

side effects

Side effects when using Cerepro occur rarely. Registered cause nausea (due to dopaminergic activation), as well as allergic reactions.  Cerepro in ampoules

Dosing Cerepro, dosage

In acute conditions Cerepro is injected slowly or intramuscularly. The daily dosage is 1 g (this dose is contained in one ampoule). The duration of parenteral treatment - 10-15 days. Then recommended a transition to oral medication for 1, 2 g per day (2 capsules in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon) for six months.

In chronic disease Cerepro appointed interior in a dosage 400 mg three times a day. Capsules are advised to take before meals.

The duration of treatment Cerepro and peers in a particular clinical case determined by a physician.


In case of overdose occur Cerepro dyspepsia. Therapy nonspecific: carry out gastric lavage, symptomatic therapy, appointed chelators.

Cerepro Application during pregnancy and lactation

Cerepro drug is contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation.


In case of nausea after ingestion Cerepro advisable to reduce the dosage.

Reviews of Cerepro

This drug is highly effective in the pathology of the brain, proved in clinical trials; it is safe when used at recommended doses rarely causes side effects, so reviews of Cerepro by physicians and patients are positive.

Analogs Cerepro

Registered Cerepro following analogues: Gliatilin, Gliatser, glycerylphosphorylcholine hydrate Nooholin Rompharm, deletions, Vos, Choline alfostserat hydrate Cereton, Holitilin.

This drug is used only on prescription.

Before taking this medication recommended to read the instructions for Cerepro.