Cavinton pills
 Cavinton - a drug that stimulates the cerebral circulation.

Pharmacological action

Application Cavinton enhances blood flow, cerebral blood vessels expand, improve oxygen supply to the brain glucose utilization.

Once the drug is observed moderate decrease in systemic blood pressure.

Expansion vessel under the influence of the drug is possible thanks to its relaxing effect on the smooth muscle. Cavinton also enhances the exchange of serotonin, norepinephrine in the brain tissue, increases the plasticity of erythrocytes, increased viscosity of the blood decreases.

The active substance Cavinton - vinpocetine.

Product form

Produce solution and tablets with the content Cavinton vinpocetine 5mg tablets and Kaventin fort with the content of the active ingredient 10mg.

Indications Cavinton

Cavinton of instruction prescribed for mental, neurological disorders that are associated with abnormalities of the brain circulation (atherosclerosis character after injury, stroke), and memory disorders, speech disorders, dizziness, persistent increase in blood pressure, disturbance of vascular tone during menopause.

There are good reviews about Cavinton applied in ophthalmology at angiospastic and atherosclerotic changes in vascular and eye mesh shell, degenerative changes of yellow spots, glaucoma secondary to occlusion of blood vessels.

Good results are obtained by using Cavinton when hearing loss medication, vascular origin, dizziness associated with the pathology of the vestibular apparatus.

Instructions for use Cavinton

Tablets Cavinton take three p / day for one, two tablets. Maintenance dose - one tablet three p / day. The course of treatment is usually long-term (two months or more). Improving the condition usually occurs within one to two weeks.

Tablets Cavinton forte take after eating one tablet three p / day. The course of treatment lasts on average 3-4mes. If Cavinton on the testimony should be abolished, a dose reduction occurs gradually over two to three days.

 Cavinton solution
 The solution according to the instructions Cavinton used in neurology in acute ischemic focal circulatory disorders of the brain (if there is bleeding in the brain). Begin to enter the solution with dosage 10-20mg dissolving the drug in 500-1000ml isotonic sodium chloride solution. If there are indications Cavinton can introduce drip again (three p / day) and then move to the tablet.

There are good reviews about Cavinton used for prevention of childhood seizures after brain injury. Agent is administered by intravenous infusion - 8-10mg per kilogram body weight per day (drug dissolved in 5% glucose). After two to three weeks the child is transferred to the application of the drug inside - 0 5-1 mg per kg / day.

side effects

Cavinton, Cavinton forte can cause changes in the ECG, arrythmia, tachycardia, phlebitis, redness of the skin, changes in blood pressure, insomnia, drowsiness, headache, weakness, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, heartburn, sweating, skin allergies.

Contraindications Cavinton

Cavinton of instruction is contraindicated in severe arrhythmias, severe ischemic heart disease during pregnancy.

It is impossible to prescribe a drug when an unstable pressure, reduced vascular tone.

You can not enter the drug subcutaneously, as it is incompatible with heparin.