Carlsbad salt

 Carlsbad salt geyser
 Carlsbad salt - laxative, cholagogue.

Pharmacological action

Carlsbad salt, manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry is a saline laxative provider and choleretic effect, a substitute for natural salt Vřídelní.

Carlsbad salt dissolved in the water - it is mineralized drinking medical-table and healing water.

Included in the salt ions (bicarbonate, chloride, sulfate, calcium) and sodium cations cause bile salt-diuretic effect.

Bicarbonate ions enhance the secretion of stomach, liver, prostate, pancreatic, bowel thin, stimulate gastric motility and acid-forming function. Ions reduce the production of uric acid, accelerates its excretion. In addition, due to these ions made from Karlovy Vary salt water thins the mucus, which contributes to its better removal.

Chloride ions combine with hydrogen to form acid hloristovodorodistuyu, stimulate the production of digestive juice, diuretic, choleretic function of kidneys and liver. Also, the compound with calcium ions chlorides are beneficial to growth of teeth, bone tissue.

Sulfate ions is reduced secretion accelerating passage of food from the stomach into the small intestine. Sulphate ions increase the muscle tone of the gallbladder, bile zhomy relax, accelerate the movement of bile from the liver to the intestine duodenum. The combination of sulfate ions with calcium helps to seal the walls of blood vessels, improves liver enzyme system, reduce the amount of mucus and intracellular water in the digestive tract inflammation, urinary tract.

Cations of sodium contained in salt Vřídelní improve kidney excretion of water from the body.

Calcium ions enhance the excitability of neurons in the brain, skeletal muscle, increase myocardial contractility, increases blood clotting.

A special role is played and the temperature of mineral water. Warm water reduces the motility, spasms of the stomach, gastric juice secretion decreases, the transfer speed of water from the stomach into the intestine, the duodenum, and relaxing the muscle layer in the intestine, leads to a delay of the chair. Cold water increases the secretion, gastric motor activity, increases intestinal peristalsis, has a laxative effect.

Product form

Artificial salt produced in powder form for the preparation of medicinal water. Karlovy Vary Geyser Natural salt is sold in the form of salt in packages of 125g.

Indications Karlovy Vary salt

Application of Karlovy Vary salt administered to stimulate the process of digesting food, to improve the composition, distribution, quality of protective mucus in the digestive tract and airways, to eliminate dysbiosis, reduce flatulence, to improve the quality of bile and normalization of its launch, to stimulate the pancreatic gland function, normalization of carbohydrate , lipid metabolism, and elimination of obesity prevention of early aging.

Carlsbad salt is effective for detoxification procedures, restore the structure of bones, teeth, joints, stimulate water and electrolyte metabolism, improve skin metabolism.

mode of application

 Carlsbad salt
 To achieve laxative effect one tablespoon Vřídelní salt (or artificial) diluted in 0 and 5 cups of water. To achieve choleretic effect, one teaspoon of salt diluted in a glass of warm water (40-45grd). Drink water for 30-45min before meals.

In chronic gastritis take 0, 5-1% saline 30-60grd temperature (depending on gastric secretion). Gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers drink 0, 5% solution 30-45grd temperature. In chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis drink 0, 5% 45grd second solution.

side effects

Application of Karlovy Vary salt can lead to colon atonia, disruption of water and electrolyte metabolism, diarrhea.

Contraindications to the use of Karlovy Vary salt

Salt is contraindicated in intestinal obstruction, constipation, acute febrile syndrome, syndrome of "acute abdomen", hypersensitivity to salt.