Cardonat - multivitamin preparations.

Pharmacological action Cardonat

Cardonat contains five components that determine its pharmacological effect of carnitine, lysine, pyridoxal phosphate, chloride cocarboxylase, kobamamid.

Carnitine regulates the metabolism of fatty acids in the liver, muscles, heart, and improves the overall metabolic processes, improves appetite, increases efficiency and helps increase the weight of malnutrition, reduces the activity of the thyroid gland, normalizes basal metabolism in hyperthyroidism

Cardonat due carnitine reduces the symptoms of mental, physical overexertion, hepato acts, cardio, neuroprotective, reduces the severity of myocardial ischemia and infarction area, the amount of ammonia in the nerve tissue, improves the immune system cells, eliminates disorders of the nervous system in patients with chronic poisoning, t .ch. alcohol, reduces the likelihood of degenerative changes in the blood vessels of the retina.

Lysine is an essential amino acid for humans, are involved in all processes of growth, stimulating cell mitosis, improves spermato-ovogenesis and impact on herpes simplex.

Without pyridoxal phosphate (coenzyme vit. B6) can not be normal metabolism, functioning of the nervous, peripheral nervous systems. Because of this important component Cardonat for children, because the substance catabolizes neuromuscular processes that must be lagging in the physical, the mental development of the children's age in the state of fatigue and chronic fatigue.

Kokarboksilazu, as part of the Kardnat regulates metabolic processes, particularly important participation in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. Also thanks to this Cardonat component helps absorb glucose, improve blood circulation, it shows a cardioprotective effect.

Kobamamid starts the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, has anabolic activity, is involved in the synthesis of creatine, nucleic acids, choline, methionine, improves the function of the bone marrow, normalizes impaired function of the nervous system, liver, activates blood clotting.

Product form

Cardonat release capsules.


Cardonat according to the instructions is used for treating patients c disorders of fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism.

Effective Cardonat children at slowing their mental and physical development: growth retardation, anorexia, fatigue, malnutrition.

Assign Cardonat with physical, psycho-emotional strain, while reducing disability, and developed because of the surge of anorexia.

Cardonat consist of combination therapy for the treatment of chronic heart failure, coronary heart disease, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, to eliminate the alcohol dependence syndrome, including to relieve withdrawal symptoms for the treatment of chronic and acute disorders of cerebral blood flow, hyperthyroidism, osteoporosis.

There are good reviews about Cardonat, its efficacy in neuralgia, peripheral neuritis, radiculopathy, cirrhosis, renal failure, liver, hepatitis, anemia.

Indication for the drug is also Cardonat atsetonemichesky syndrome, hyperhomocysteinemia, neuropathy, encephalopathy in patients who are being treated for tuberculosis drugs from the group of isonicotinic acid hydrazide.

Cardonat during pregnancy is indicated for the treatment of preeclampsia, with growth retardation, placental insufficiency.

Instructions for use Cardonat

 Cardonat - vitamin preparation
 Cardonat for instructions take only orally and swallow the capsule whole, it is impossible to grind.

Patients, except those suffering from anorexia, taking medication after a meal.

Cardonat for children from one year up to five liters. appoint take one capsule one p / day. Babies 5-15l. - Two rows one capsule / day; children over 15L, adults - one, two capsules three p / day.

Anorexia patients take one capsule Cardonat for 15-20min before meals.

The duration of treatment determined by the physician, according to reviews of Cardonat, therapy lasts at least 3 weeks. and not more than 3-month.

When pregnancy Cardonat often prescribed along with other medications to eliminate preeclampsia, placental insufficiency treatment, for example, Hofitol, Magne B6.

side effects

Reviews Cardonat generally good, the side effect is manifested in rare cases in the form of digestive disorders, flatulence, hypotension, hypertension, irritability, tachycardia, skin allergies.


Cardonat of instructions can not be used in patients with malignancies, hypersensitivity to the drug, children under one year.

There is evidence that the use during pregnancy does not cause Cardonat mutagenic, embryotoxic, teratogenic effect.