Canison cream
 Canison (international name - clotrimazole) is an antifungal agent wide range of actions intended for topical application.

The drug has Canison therapeutic benefit and is aimed at removing molds and dermatophytes, Candida, Trichomonas, Malassezia, Corynebacterium minutissimum etc.

Product form

Canison available as:

- Vaginal cream

- An ointment or cream for external use,

- Vaginal tablets of 100 mg,

- 1% solution for external use.

Pharmacological action Canison

The main active ingredient is Canison clotrimazole, which reduces the synthesis of ergosterol and alters the structure of microbial cell membrane walls, contributing to the destruction of fungal cells.

Canison as an antifungal agent in small concentrations has fungistatic action, and at high concentrations - fungicidal effect, increasing the level of hydrogen peroxide and eliminating pathogenic dermatophytes, yeasts, mold organisms and pathogens zoster, Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.


Canison indicated for fungal infections of the skin and mucous membranes:

- Tinea, athlete, Trichophyton,

- Microsporia

- Interdigital fungal erosion, fungal paronychia,

- Candidiasis, Candida vulvitis, vulvovaginitis,

- Stomatitis,

- Pityriasis versicolor and colorful.

Also good reviews on Canison in the treatment of urethritis and various genital infections.

Canison ointment for external use is effective in tinea skin folds, beards, mustaches and scalp.

Positive feedback received Canison as an additional part of the total drug in chemotherapy in the treatment of trichomoniasis.

The solution of the drug is effectively used for the renovation of the birth canal before taking delivery.

Instructions for use Canison

In accordance with the instruction Canison as an ointment, gel or cream for topical application is applied to the affected skin and gently rubbed 2-3 times per day. One dose is 5-7 mm cream or 10-20 drops of solution on the surface of the skin or mucosa.

The course of treatment Canison appointed doctor and is about 4 weeks before the disappearance of clinical signs of disease. With multi-colored shingles drug is used for 1-3 weeks.

According to the instructions Canison should be applied to clean, dry skin, and for fungal infections of the feet, before applying the ointment should be washed with soap and water the affected skin surface.

 Canison solution
 Vaginal cream inserted into the vagina 1-2 times a day to 5 g for 2-3 days. The treatment of vaginal diseases accompanied by periodic treatment with the drug solution of the external genitalia.

In the opinion on the effectiveness of the drug Canison highest achieved in the treatment of sexual diseases and fungal infections at once both partners.


Contraindications to the use Canison are individual intolerance and hypersensitivity to the drug, as well as the menstrual period and first trimester of pregnancy.

When receiving the drug to patients with liver disease must be the entire treatment period to monitor the functioning of the liver.

Precautions The drug should be used during lactation.

Side effects Canison

Side effects when taking Canison may be local drug reactions: erythematous rash and blisters, itching, burning, swelling, inflammation of the skin and allergic reactions.

When using intravaginal drug may be swelling of the mucous membranes, frequent urination, headache and dizziness, burning sensation in the genitals, and painful vaginal discharge.