Viburkol - homeopathic remedy

Pharmacological action

Viburkol - is a homeopathic complex preparation that has anti-inflammatory, soothing, anelgeziruyuschim, antispasmodic, antipyretic properties.

The drugs are based on the launch of the body's defenses, restore his disturbed functions. Thanks candles Viburkol no load on the kidneys, liver decreases intoxication, acute phase of the illness passes.

The drug reduces the body temperature gradually, with the process of production of interferon, detox is not broken.

Sedative and antispasmodic property of the drug allows its use in spastic conditions (spastic colitis, threat of miscarriage in early pregnancy).

Product form

Viburkol release rectal suppositories.


Viburkol according to the instructions prescribed in the complex treatment of SARS, other uncomplicated infections in nervous overexcitation, seizures, inflammation of upper respiratory tract, urogenital system.

Effective Viburkol for children - for relief of fever during teething, for the symptomatic treatment of dyspepsia.

In gynecology, obstetrics Viburkol used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases associated with spasmodic pain, intoxication. There are reviews of Viburkole, its successful application in the discoordination labor.

Instructions for use Viburkola

 Viburkol candles
 Candles Viburkol in acute conditions is used at intervals of 15-20 min (in general, not more than 2 hours) until such time until they get better. After removal of the acute symptoms candles take on the 1st thing 2-3 p / day.

Limited use Viburkola for children aged 1 month - only 0, 25 candles at most 4-6 p / day.

Children under 6mes. gives 2 candles Viburkol a day in acute condition, after two polsvechi p / day.

The course of treatment according to the instructions Viburkol lasts from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Multiplicity of dosing and duration of treatment may be reviewed by the attending physician.

side effects

Judging by the reviews of Viburkole, is rare, but may cause allergic reactions after treatment.


The only contraindication is the presence Viburkola patient intolerance to at least one of the components of the means.

Viburkol during pregnancy, lactation can be used only on a doctor's recommendation.

No data on the negative consequences of the simultaneous use of candles with other drugs.