Kolpotrofin - a drug with local estrogenic effect used in gynecological practice.

Pharmacological action

Kolpotrofin for intravaginal use.

The active ingredient of the drug - promestrin exhibiting local estrogenic action aimed at the genital mucosa of women.

Application Kolpotrofin can improve processes of cell nutrition that preserve the functions and structure of the female genital organs.

In addition, the drug helps to restore, protect and widening of the vaginal epithelium. Kolpotrofin, reviews and clinical studies confirm the system has no estrogenic effect.

Indications Kolpotrofina

Apply Kolpotrofin guide recommends that you:

  • itching, vaginal dryness, pain or discomfort during (before or after) intercourse and other atrophic changes of the vagina caused by lack of estrogen;
  • postoperative therapy after removal of the ovaries;
  • the need to restore vaginal epithelium damaged by inflammation, surgery, or after treatment of cervical erosion;
  • Cervical preparation for childbirth;
  • lesions of the cervix and vagina after childbirth;
  • adhesions (adhesion of the labia minora).


When estrogen-tumors of the vagina, uterus or breast cancer and hypersensitivity to promestrinu Kolpotrofin not assigned.

During the period of the drug from the use of spermicides to prevent pregnancy and latex condoms should be discarded.

Instructions for use Kolpotrofina

Candles Kolpotrofin or intravaginal capsule when urogenital disorders is recommended for 20 days on 1 piece per day.

Restoration of cervical epithelium involves injecting the drug into the vagina for 10 days, 1 capsule. If necessary, the recommended duration of treatment in the instructions Kolpotrofin may be extended.

To maintain normal vaginal epithelium Kolpotrofin candles 1 pc. administered for 10-20 days prior to surgery and for the same period after the operation.

The preparation of the cervix for childbirth using Kolpotrofin guide recommends for 5-6 days.

After delivery, to the healing of the vagina and cervix drug is used for over 10 days using daily Kolpotrofin one candle.

Also, the drug is released in the form of a cream, which is a thin layer using a gentle massage is applied to the vagina, vulva and urethra.

 Kolpotrofin candles
 When urogenital disorders cream Kolpotrofin guide advises to use once a day for a week, then once every two days for three weeks.

When adhesions drug applied once daily to the differences of the labia.

Ointment in the preoperative and post-treatment, and the postpartum period is applied in the same way as the Kolpotrofin candles.

Side effects

Kolpotrofin reviews describe as well-tolerated drug that in only a few cases have been reported allergic reactions such as irritation and itching at the site of candles and applying the cream.

Additional Information

Kolpotrofin Storage in a cool place (8-15 0 C) allows the drug to remain fit for use for over 5 years.