Camphor oil


Camphor oil - herbal remedy that is used in medicine, cosmetics.

Pharmacological action

Camphor oil is extracted from tropical wood of camphor tree, it has anti-inflammatory, local irritating, analgesic, antiseptic effect.

The tool improves the healing of tissues and organs, and subcutaneously oil stimulates the vasomotor and respiratory centers of the brain, in the myocardium increases metabolism, increases the tone of veins and increases the amount of blood flowing to the heart, improves blood flow to the lungs and brain.

Effective treatment of camphor oil when coughing, as tool helps remove phlegm.

Thanks dries, anti-inflammatory action means successfully use camphor oil for hair.

Product form

Camphor oil discharged in the form of an oil and an alcohol solution in the form of an ointment.

Indications camphor oil

External application of camphor oil is indicated in neuralgia, myositis, sciatica, sciatica, arthralgia, myalgia, pain in the ears, to prevent bedsores.

Subcutaneously injected in the collapse of oil, in case of poisoning with soporific drugs or opioid analgesics, the oppression of the respiratory center in the infections, heart failure.

Camphor oil hair used in cases where it is necessary to restore their growth, fatness and eliminate brittleness, reduce inflammation in the scalp.


You can not prescribe medication camphor oil patient with hypersensitivity to an agent for epilepsy (subcutaneous administration). External application of camphor oil is contraindicated in violation of the integrity of the skin.

Despite widespread recommendations to bury camphor oil in the ear, it is not recommended - because of the risk of burns, hearing loss, aseptic inflammation.

You can not assign camphor children up to two years. Couples oils are easily absorbed by mucous, baby skin, which can cause poisoning. Especially contraindicated camphor children with epilepsy - oil and products containing it can trigger an epileptic seizure, convulsion.

Instructions for use oil of camphor

For the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system is used to compress camphor oil: moistened gauze, put on the sore spots, cover with plastic wrap and tape up slightly. Keep the bandage for about a day, then change it.

For the healing of purulent wounds, tumors, trauma, sprains and swelling with a bluish make lotions with oil. After three or four days the pain goes away and tightened wounds.

For the prevention of pressure sores and chafing camphor oil smeared body of a patient after the hygiene procedures.

To relieve pain in the ears burying camphor oil in the ear is not desirable to do - make lotions with oil on the area around the patient's ear.

For treatment of cough can be taken inside the oil - mixed with four drops of milk and take two r / day.

Hair camphor oil is used in the composition of masks and homemade shampoos.

For oily hair shampoo made from one egg yolk, two tablespoons of purified water and 0, 5 tablespoons of oil of camphor tea. The weight applied to wet hair, holding two or three minutes, rinse.

D  Camphor oil
 To dry hair mix one egg yolk, one teaspoon tablespoon burdock oil, five drops of camphor oil and three - tea tree oil. Always use a shampoo can not - only when there is inflammation of the scalp, or irritation.

To stimulate hair growth camphor oil is used as a mask: join egg yolk, one teaspoon Art. sesame oil, four drops of oil hit, 0, 5 tablespoons hours. camphor and one small spoon teaspoon hot pepper tincture. Keep the mask on your hair with cellophane and a towel 30-40min. Procedures are carried out two p / wk. The course of treatment - 10-12 procedures.

Camphor oil for children is prescribed in the form of rubbing and compresses.

Side effects

External application of camphor oil can cause skin sensitization, irritation.

When administered subcutaneously can be dizziness, fat embolism (if the oil gets into the vessel), headache, oleogranulema at the injection site.