Camphor - herbal preparation stimulating the nervous central system.

Pharmacological action Camphor

When applied externally manifested analgesic agents, anti-inflammatory, local irritating, antimicrobial action of camphor.

Parenteral administration provides analeptic (high blood pressure, increased heart rate and respiration), a vasoconstrictor, expectorant, cardiotonic effect.

Use of Camphor leads to the excitation of sensitive nerve endings, improve trophism tissues, organs.

Subcutaneous injection of funds stimulates vasomotor, respiratory centers of the medulla oblongata, increases metabolic centers in the myocardium, increases the tone of veins, blood flow to the heart, blood flow to the lungs, brain, coronary blood flow. Also standing out through the respiratory tract, Camphor helps remove phlegm.

Product form

Camphor oil discharged (solution camphor oil), 50% alcohol solution (Camphor Rubin), an alcohol, an ointment.

Indications Camphor

External application of Camphor prescribed in neuralgia, myositis, for the prevention of bedsores.

Subcutaneous injection of the solution effectively in the collapse, poisoning opioid analgesics, sleeping pills, heart failure, depression of the respiratory center during infections.

Roubini Camphor is used in food poisoning, accompanied by a rare pulse, prostration. The drug is also prescribed for frequent diarrhea, painful cramps, cholera, dysentery, collapse, urethritis, suddenly manifested SARS, headaches, localized mainly in the back of the pulsating nightlife, or headaches, acute urinary retention. We also know that Camphor Ruby - is the antidote of all homeopathic remedies, it can be used if you want to cancel the previously accepted homeopathic medicines.

Camphor oil is prescribed for mental sluggishness in a state of shock, insomnia, depression.

Antiseptic Camphor enables the use of oil for skin infections, upper respiratory tract diseases by inhalation.

mode of application

 Oil camphor

Before subcutaneous Camphor solution should be heated. Adults administered one to three p / day 1-5ml 20% oil solution. Children up to the 1st year are 0, 5-1ml, aged 1-2g. - 1 ml., 3-6l. - 1, 5 ml., 7-9l. - 2 ml., 10-14l. - 2, 5ml.

For colds, rheumatism, muscle pain, nerve disorders do massage with oil of camphor - 4-5kap. mixed with a spoon dining usual massage oil. With fatigue, stress camphor oil is used for aromatherapy - 2-3kap. oil is heated in aromalampe.

Camphor Roubini in the collapse, diarrhea prescribed to take one drop on a piece of sugar (in a spoonful of water) every 15min, half an hour.

For the rest of the testimony of the doctor makes the appointment.

side effects

For external use drugs can cause irritation, allergic reactions. Subcutaneous administration of the drug may cause dizziness, headache, fat embolism (if Camphor gets to the vessel), oleogranulemu at the injection site.


The tool is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity. Subcutaneous administration can not be carried out in epilepsy, and the means can not be used externally if the damaged skin.