K  Calendula
 alendula - a medicinal plant, widely used in medicine due to their unique properties.

Mode of action and properties of calendula

The basic properties of calendula, products manufactured on its basis - reduce inflammation and spasms, wound healing.

It is noticed that calendula has a bactericidal and choleretic effect, relaxes the smooth muscles of the liver, stomach, intestine, thereby arousing the activity of developing a secret.

External application of calendula helps to speed up the healing process of tissues, their growth, forming a small scar. Application of funds on the basis of inside calendula accelerates healing of erosions and ulcers in the gastrointestinal mucosa, reduces the aggressiveness of gastric juice, increases the resistance of the gastric mucosa.

In addition, preparations from the plant have a mild hypotensive, sedative effect, relieve swelling, generally normalize cardiac activity.

Product form

Producing alcohol tincture of calendula, calendula ointment, which is a part of tincture of plants and grease emulsion of water and petrolatum, purified marigold extract tablets.


With a wide range of medicinal properties and calendula are used inside and externally.

Calendula tincture is used for gastritis, ulcer stomach, colitis, diseases of the spleen, liver, enterocolitis, hypertension, heart disease, accompanied by edema, shortness of breath.

In a rinse calendula tincture is used for thrush in children, inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Enemas tincture is prescribed for proctitis, paraproctitis. Douching effective in obesity trihomonadnyh, cervical erosion.

Calendula ointment is used for bruises, minor wounds, bruises, gangrene, bedsores, fistulas, burns, frostbite.

Effective calendula acne, acne, boils. The ointment is well relieves itching of the skin, even in allergic lesions, is effective in diaper dermatitis.

The regenerative properties of calendula ointment allow you to use as a tool for skin care hands, to eliminate the rough edges and cracks.

Juice of calendula is used internally for hypertension, angina pectoris, neurosis, atherosclerosis, menopause, gastritis, gastrointestinal ulcers, enterocolitis. Externally the juice is used in a cold, with belyah, cervical erosion, trichomonas coleitis (as douching) with proctitis, inflammatory bowel straight, anal fissures (in the form of enemas).

Instructions for use of calendula

 tincture of calendula
 For use in the form of calendula tincture inside, it is diluted in water - a teaspoon of tea per cup of water. For the removal of bile infusion take on 10-20kap. at one time. To treat proctitis do an enema - one teaspoon of tincture diluted in 0, 25 st. water. For the treatment of fistula in its input channel infusion mixed with boric acid.

Calendula ointment is applied several times a day to the affected area.

Calendula is used for acne and as an ointment and tincture form. You can make a face mask by mixing the tincture, aloe juice, water and wheat flour. The resulting mass is applied to the face 5-10min. Also calendula acne effective as a lotion consisting of tinctures, two tablets chloramphenicol and boric alcohol, but this tool can be used after consultation with a dermatologist.

Tablets with an extract from marigold flowers drink 0, 1 or 0, 2g three p / day after meals. Treatment lasts 3-6ned.

Juice take on two or three 20-40kap p / day, a glass of diluted milk and add a spoonful of honey. For external use the juice should be diluted with water - 1: 3 or 1: 2.

side effects

After applying calendula topically may appear allergic reactions on the skin, after an internal - bitterness in the mouth, pain and a burning sensation in the stomach.


Do not use drugs on the basis of calendula in identifying hypersensitivity.