Antispasmodic drug Buscopan
 Buscopan - a drug belonging to the m-anticholinergic, which is used as an antispasmodic.

Structure and Composition

Buscopan is available as tablets and rectal suppositories (suppository).

The active substance - hyoscine butylbromide.

According to the instructions Buscopan 1 tablet contains 10 mg of active ingredient and auxiliary components (dibasic calcium phosphate, corn starch, soluble starch, colloidal silicon dioxide, stearic acid, tartaric acid).

In 1 Buscopan suppository contains 10 mg of active ingredient, water, fat W45 solid.

Pharmacological action Buscopan

The drug has antispasmodic effect on the smooth muscles of internal organs and decreases the secretion of the glands of the digestive tract. According to the instructions Buscopan not penetrate through the blood-brain barrier, and therefore has no effect on the central nervous system.


  • Renal and hepatic colic;
  • Biliary dyskinesia; dyskinesia of the intestine;
  • In the treatment of cholecystitis, pancreatitis;
  • Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer (in the complex therapy);
  • Pilorospazm;
  • Cardiospasm;
  • Algomenorrhea (painful menstruation).

Contraindications Buscopan

  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • Glaucoma (closure);
  • pulmonary edema;
  • Myasthenia gravis;
  • Megacolon;
  • Severe cerebral arteriosclerosis.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Not reported adverse effects on pregnancy Buscopan. However, like all drugs, this drug should be used with caution during pregnancy, especially in the I trimester.

Safe use Buscopan if breastfeeding is not proven, but the negative effects of neonatal No replies.

Dosing and Administration Buscopan

 Buscopan in the form of rectal suppositories
 Adults and children over 6 years: recommended to take 1-2 tablets 3 times a day. The tablets should be taken with water.

Rectal suppositories (adults and children over 6 years) are assigned 1-2 suppository into the rectum 3 times a day.

The duration of Buscopan determined by your doctor.

side effects

When receiving Buscopan Review may cause dry mouth, tachycardia, drowsiness. Rarely drug causes urinary retention, which is usually allowed to own.

Allergic reactions with skin manifestations. According to reviews Buscopan rarely can cause shortness of breath.

Buscopan interaction with other drugs

This drug may enhance anticholinergic effect of antidepressants (tricyclic), antiallergic drugs.

Simultaneous use of Buscopan and dopamine antagonists (e.g., Cerucalum) reduces spasmolytic effect on the digestive tract.


Currently there are no reports of overdose Buskopanom. Therefore, all the recommendations of overdose are purely theoretical. Possible symptoms: urinary retention, dry mouth, tachycardia, slow motility of the gastrointestinal tract, transient blurred vision, redness of the skin. Treatment of overdose Buskopanom and analogs includes gastric lavage, the appointment of enterosorbents introduction holinomimetikov (eg, neostigmine), symptomatic treatment.

Features of the application Buscopan

The drug should be used with caution in cases of suspected acute intestinal obstruction, with suspected stenosis of the output of the stomach, urinary tract obstruction and a tendency to tachyarrhythmias.


Analogues Buscopan by active ingredient is not present.

Analogs of the pharmacological group: Atrovent, Atropine, Gastrozem, gastrotsepin, Driptan, extract of belladonna, Metacin, Midriatsil, Novitropan, Platifillin, Spazmeks, Trigan, Tsistrin.

When replacing analogue Buscopan you must first consult with a physician.