Oil of burdock

Burdock oil - a drug made from the roots of burdock - a plant, also known as a big mug.

Pharmacological action

 Burdock oil with extract of propolis
 The composition includes natural oils repejnogo proteins, inulin and fatty oils and tannins, vitamins and mineral salts. Thanks to the rich content of nutrients oil promotes nutrition, strengthen hair roots, their growth, and significantly slows down the process of hair loss. In addition, burdock has anti-microbial and anti-seborrhoeic action reduces symptoms of dryness and itching. Positive feedback burdock earned as a therapeutic agent, used in a variety of structures damaged hair (eg, due to color or perm).

Also, oil is used in certain skin diseases and other medical purposes.

Often, in order to enhance or otherwise effect of the oil other ingredients are added. So, there is a burdock oil with pepper, with nettles, with propolis and other useful additives.

Indications for use of burdock oil

Butter is widely used for various diseases, and as a cosmetic. Especially useful Burdock oil for hair. It has established itself as an effective tool in the following situations:

  • with slow hair growth;
  • as a drug against baldness;
  • the symptoms of dandruff, but also in the event of dryness and itching of the scalp;
  • in case of damage or weakness of the structure of hair, when thinning, loss of gloss, splitting at the tips.

There are many positive reviews of burdock as a tool to help improve the structure of the nail. Also, it is often used in mastitis and as a drug, has wound-healing action.

How to use burdock oil

Using burdock hair, it is important to prepare for the procedure. The first step is to wash your hair and gently dry them with a towel. At this time, it is necessary to heat the oil, putting it in a container with hot water. When all the preparations are completed, the oil must be rubbed into the roots of the hair for 15 minutes. For better absorption is recommended to divide the hair parted in the middle and comb to apply the tool on each new parting. After that burdock should be carefully spread over the entire length. Administration is necessary to leave for an hour and then wash the usual shampoo, subsequently causing a balm for the hair. This procedure should be repeated one or two times a week, depending on the type of hair. The course should not be more than 12 times in a row, otherwise the hair may become heavy and untidy. However, after a two-week break, repeat the course is permitted.

The use of burdock oil for hair after such a procedure will be noticeable immediately after washing: hair acquire silky smooth and well-groomed appearance.

Burdock oil with pepper

 Burdock oil with pepper and cloves
 Among the variety of species of oil it is necessary to allocate a special way of burdock oil, containing extract of red pepper. Its popularity is due to the active influence on the hair follicles, so hair is much less fall, better and grow faster and look healthier. The use of burdock oil stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow to the roots. Also contained in red pepper substances, irritating the scalp, it promotes active penetration of mineral acids, vitamins and trace elements that are part of burdock oil.

Thanks Burdock oil with pepper positive changes in the condition of hair will be much faster than using conventional oils.

Contraindications to the use of burdock oil

Burdock hair oil should not be used only for those who are allergic to any of the components of its composition.

storage conditions

Keep burdock best at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees in a dark place. When all the conditions the shelf life is 2 years.