Bryony - a homeopathic remedy.  Bryony - a plant family Cucurbitaceae

Pharmacological action Brioni

The drugs are based on the medicinal properties of plants multi Bryony (Bryonia Alba) from the family Cucurbitaceae.

It is noted that the powder from the root perestupnya beneficial effect on synovial and serous membranes, lungs, pleura, peritoneum, liver and muscle tissue.

Product form

Bryonia discharged as homeopathic granules, ointments, oils.

Indications Brioni

Bryony effective in dry pleurisy, pleural effusion, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, accompanied by pain in his side and vomiting, with muscular rheumatism, peritonitis, neuritis and neuralgia.

There are reviews of Brioni by lactating women - drug helps with mastitis, problems with lactation, relieves inflammation of the chest.

Take the granules with migraines, headaches, dry cough frequently, including cough blood in the sputum.

Successfully resolved with the help of Briony fever, especially if it is accompanied by heavy sweating, hot sweat.

Instructions Briony: how to use

Homeopathic pellets are inside - resolves them by 5 pieces 3-6 p / day.

Children under 2 years pellets appoint take 1-2 pieces, children 2-10l. - 2-4 pieces, children after 10 liters. - 4-5 pieces.

Bryony ointment rubbed his back and chest in diseases of the lungs 1-2 p / day. After grinding it is recommended to put mustard or make a warm wrap.

In diseases of the joints (primary and secondary osteoarthritis) sore spots smear ointment 2-3 p / day. Treatment continued for 6 weeks.

Bryonia can be used to treat the common cold - wads of cotton wool with ointment lay on 5-10min. to each of the nasal passages 3-4 r / day.  Bryony ointment

From the common cold can be used and butter. Adults dig oil in each nostril for 3-5kap. Children dig for oil 1-3kap.

The drug is often used in the treatment of these diseases.

Data on negative interactions with other medications Briony is not fixed.

side effects

In most cases, granules, ointment and oil does not cause side effects and are well tolerated, but the reviews of Brioni cause allergies still occur.

Early treatment may experience a temporary worsening of the disease.

The roots of the plant contain toxic amorphous glycosides brionidin brionin and therefore at high doses the drug causes diarrhea with blood, pain in the peritoneum, vomiting, paralysis of the nervous system and seizures.


Bryony for instructions contraindicated if you are hypersensitive.